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Dear Parents

Term 1 examinations have started , in this stressful period lots of mood swings, sadness, rudeness can be expected from the children.

It’s a crucial time to support your child, here are few tips-

1. Wake your child up in the morning with positive stroke, touch or a hug.

2. Start your child’s day with positive statement like I love you, let’s start this beautiful day.

3. Encourage your child with positive statement before she/he leaves for exam like I am sure you will excel, give your best, all the luck to you.

4. Don’t pass your anxiety or fear on to your child whatever the situation is, positive support from your end will give a boost to your child’s confidence.

5. When the child comes back avoid discussing paper or asking how was the  exam, instead ask how was the experience.

6. Create healthy and happy atmosphere at home specially during exams.

7. Avoid giving marks target to the child.

8. Avoid continuous advice or nagging.

9. Stand by your child even if the exam has not gone as per your or his expectations.

10. Ensure calm sleep of 6-8 hours during exams.

11. Don’t let the child encounter with negative statements or unrealistic expectations from relatives or friends as it will prove detrimental for child.

Remember each child is special and has potential to touch the pinnacles of success, only he needs your support.

All the very best!!

Congratulations Parents, Teachers and Students

It’s a pleasure to announce that ‘Education World’, the largest school ranking survey2021-22 has ranked the school amongst Top10 in Ludhiana District and amongst Top 25 in Punjab State.

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