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Dear Parents,
A survey on social, emotional and physical wellbeing of the students has been done in the school, where we found that children are not only struggling with emotional and health problems but are intolerant, impatient, Money demons, high speed stimulus junkies, challenge law and order, more attached to their gadgets than to their parents or family. Lack of moral values especially among this important section of the society is a serious issue. Its root cause is the disturbances in their families or parents are emotionally distant from their wards due to various reasons like their pre-occupation with their own problems or work pressure. Deterioration in values will definitely give birth to anarchically society. I request parents to o provide the child with a safe, secure, nurturing, loving, and supportive environment that allows the offspring to have a happy and healthy youth . Define boundaries for kids, keep channels of communication open, limit their media exposure, keep a vigil on child’s activities, indulge child in constructive activities, encourage your child to have healthy eating habits and discourage tuition culture at least till class 8 and underage driving as well.. Let’s join hands to shape the youth, so that they can be productive contributor to self, family, community, and society.

Dear Parents
School is concerned about rising cases of cybercrime. School children are easy victims or are involved in criminal activities.It is important to teach children ethical use of technology especially social media like Facebook Or whatsapp. Kindly note sharing any type of unwanted pictures,messages or sending insulting remarks is cybercrime and is punishable. Legal age for using most of social sites is 16 after that it is to be used under strict vigil of parent till child attains maturity.Contribute your bit for the safety of our children.

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    “Verily is there no virtue higher than truth;
    No sin baser than falsehood.
    Verily is there no knowledge higher than truth;
    Let men, therefore, ever follow truth!”.

    A keen scholar, a divine yogi, a selfless patriot, a tireless social reformer, a phenomenal philosopher, a great leader. In a nutshell, an exemplary human being, embodying the virtues and ideals propagated by the great Vedas.

    Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji                               
      The BCM faculty in collaboration with academia and community at large provides conducive and challenging learning environment. We integrate technology, Innovative techniques, child-centered methodology, trans-disciplinary approaches and comprehensive evaluation to achieve our educational goals.We are dedicated to the quest for child’s excellence by infusing in him the 21st century skill.
     The real purpose of education is to nurture human spirits, instill power to embrace, learning to excel and own their future. We aspire to create aware, enlighten, progressive, productive, ethical and adaptable citizens of the global community.
    Dr. Vandna Shahi
    The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step.

    It gladdens my heart to see that from a humble beginning of student strength of 660 in 2004, the school has made a remarkable progress not only in numerical strength but also in quality of instruction, infrastructure and facilities. Throughtout these years our effort has been to educate, empower & enlighten the young minds. Academic excellence along with co-curricular activities has been the hallmark of BCM.

    The school’s objective is best expressed through its motto ‘Gyan, Swabhiman, Kalyan’. We believe in not only imparting knowledge and creating intellectuals but also instilling in them zeal to work for community welfare sustaining their dignity and self-respect. During the years, the school that started with crawls of innocence and was guided to put down the steps ....

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