14 Aug,2018

Independence Day Celebration

The students  had a week long patriotic celebration on 72nd Independence Day. The school premises echoed with slogans of ‘Jai Hind’,  ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ and ‘Vande Mataram’.  The event witnessed plethora of activities exhibiting a variety of skills like photography, kite flying, culinary etc. The celebration commenced with the singing of ‘Aye Watan Tere Liye’ in the morning assembly. The School band made various formations in the central ground. A statue of Mother India reflecting the different shades of nation in form of photos clicked by senior students was a real treat for the eyes.

The girls of senior wing also presented their culinary skills in fireless cooking by laying sumptuous tricolour dishes providing a variety ranging from starters to desserts. There was a kite flying competition where students flew tricolor kites with patriotic messages inscribed on them. The spirit of students was held high with the raising of slogans of renowned freedom fighters all through the week. A plantation drive was a part of this event where 11 plants were planted and baptized   after the Patriots who laid down their lives for the nation. School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi encouraged the students to be good future citizens and always respect the hard earned freedom and try to retain it.


28 Jul,2018


BCM School Dugri, hosted LSSC Poem Recitation competition (Primary) where around 58 participants from 29 city schools participated. The competition was divided into two categories - Category A (English Language) comprising classes I-III and Category B (Hindi Language) comprising classes IV-V. Students expressed themselves in a language full of imagination, feelings and emotions. They presented their poems using variety of props and made their presentation rich by using appropriate actions. The competition was adjudged by Ms. Nalini Priyadarshni (an eminent poet and writer) and Ms. Kamlesh Gupta (Renowned Anchor of Radio and TV Shows). The judgment was based on correct pronunciation, use of prop, content, intonation and confidence.

20 Jul,2018


A man is known by his shoes. So, shoes play a vital role in making one’s personality charming and pleasing. Shoe polishing and tying laces activity was organized in the campus for students of classes I-III. Teachers gave the demo to students teaching them different steps involved in tying up their laces. The School Principal visited the classrooms and appreciated the zeal of little ones. She also motivated them to do the same in their daily life.

16 Jul,2018


“If you have the brain, the Math quiz is the best place to join in"

The brightest and the most sagacious minds battled out to be the ultimate winners in Maths Quiz which was organized for the primary wing. Three participants from each class were selected and they showcased their profound Mathematical knowledge. The winners were given the certificates. The School Principal encouraged the students to participate more in such competitions to increase their mental abilities.

13 Jul,2018


Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Reading has always been a source of knowledge, happiness and pleasure. A Newspaper provides students with the opportunity to enhance their cognitive skills and see how reading and writing are interconnected. The participants browsed  through their Newspapers  and selected the article to be read for the completion.


09 Jul,2018


A session on ‘My Spiritual Health’ by Ms. Arpana Khanna was held at BCM, Dugri to delve deep into myriad of their inner self. The resource person  started the session by grounding the staff using a Meditation exercise. She made them acquainted with daily opportunities that are missed out for meditation. She gave practical tips as to how one can meditate while doing homely chores, eating food and also practice gratitude while bathing and eating. A 15 minute meditation was also done after which she discussed and evaluated the visualizations of all throwing light on the 7 chakras present in the body. She told about self-importance and also about the detrimental effects of neglecting and ignoring one-self for the sake of others.

She also linked the spiritually healthy teachers to the healthy and creative students and gave practical tips as to how we can stabilize the present generation and bring them out of the threats and harms caused by wrong food and overuse of technology. It was indeed a power packed session that kept the teachers glued to her. It was a very fruitful session that made one and all aware of their duties towards their own-selves and their students as well.

24 May,2018


Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure

You are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.

The students  paid a soulful homage to the legendary Mahatma Satyanand Munjal ji on his 101 Birth Anniversary. BCMities uttered ten golden rules of Aryasamaj and pledged to lead a virtuous life walking on the path of righteousness following the footsteps of Mahatma ji. On this occasion, the School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi said that his golden words echo in our hearts till date and keep reminding us to strenuously keep working to keep his dream of educating humanity alive.

21 May,2018


To raise the awareness about protecting the natural resources, the school commemorated the Earth Day with a host of activities for the students. Enthusiastic participation in the activities showcased the BCMites concern and commitment toward the cause. With the motive to make people aware about the urgent need to take care of Mother Earth, a rally was taken out in the vicinity by the students of classes V and VII. Children were fully enthusiastic and carried banners and raised slogans to spread the important messages on conserving water, flora and fauna.

Short Speech Competition was organized. Students expressed their views by making short speeches in English.  Pupils expressed their views in their speeches and agreed to prioritize earth protection.

Students of class IV made heart touching posters highlighting the need to save environment. Best out of waste activity was organized for the students of class VII. They showed their skills and were engaged in the hand crafts using used bottles, newspapers etc. A special assembly was conducted for class IV where students took pledge to save the ecosystem. The School Principal applauded the efforts made by students and encouraged them to keep working towards the conservation of environment.

18 May,2018

Child safety & wellness

School counselor Ms Charanjeet Kalra conducted Various sessions on   “Child safety & wellness”. Students of Primary wing were taught to identify no touch areas. They were also told about safety actions “ Say No , Yell , Tell” . Separate sessions of students  were conducted ,aim of sessions were to make students aware of pubrity spurs  and physical,psychological and emotional changes during growth. School counselor also encouraged students to have healthy eating habits and develop healthy life style.

17 May,2018


India has launched one of the world’s largest vaccination campaigns against measles which aims to vaccinate more than 35 million children nationwide. The school in accordance with the government became a part of the venture that is committed to improve health and wellbeing of Indians. The drive was held in the school premises on 17 May2018, where about 1600 children were given the vaccination. After the vaccination children were kept under the surveillance of expert doctors for an hour so as to meet any negative consequences. The students of classes X interviewed the doctors and parents gathering views about the campaign. Expressing her concern towards child betterment, the School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi said that measles is a major cause of childhood deaths in India and we need to promote the Prime Minister’s initiative to wipe out this contagious disease from the nation.

11 May,2018


“Mother’s love is unlimited, never fades and a brilliant gem to be treasured”.

The day that recognizes the essence of a mother was celebrated in high spirits and merriment. Keeping their relationship in mind BCMites of primary section had a special celebration on mother’s day. The children put up a great show expressing their love for their mothers. Students showed their love through various activities like Badge making, poem recitation, and songs etc. They also passionately got involved in making beautiful cards for their mothers. The school Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi inspired the children to inculcate virtues and resort to ethical ways that make the parents happy and contented.

08 May,2018


Academy of Pediatrics Punjab State Branch organized Asthma awareness camp at BCM School, Basant Avenue  Dugri, Ludhiana to make students aware of this disease Dr. Ashish Wadhwa President and Dr. Vineet Arora secretary (Academy of Pediatrics) threw light on various factors causing Asthma and also gave students first aid tips in case of Asthma attack. Students of XI and XII also participated in poster making competition. School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi said ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Being aware is first step to be protected.

01 May,2018


Labor Day was observed with full aplomb. The function kicked off with a speech welcoming the workers & acknowledging their hard work. A Prayer marked the beginning of the program followed by a play on hard work of labors. Then a poem and a speech respectively lauded the ceaseless efforts of the work force of the nation and the school in particular. Some students expressed their love by distributing sweets and self-made photo frames to them. Worker were overwhelmed with the respect shown to them and expressed their gratitude towards teachers & the students for their endeavor. School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi Congratulated the workers & thanked them for their selfless services.

20 Apr,2018


Crossbanding, a venture of school heads, to collaborate and ponder over the prime reforms needed in the education system, was held in the campus. It was attended by the Principals of leading schools of Ludhiana .

The session gave them an opportunity to be tete a tete with leading entrepreneur Mr. Sachit Jain (Director, Vardhman Group, Ludhiana) and Mrs. Urvashi Bhatia (Certified Presenter Trainer from UK based Cambridge University) who interacted with the Principals over the need to have demographic development that is nothing more than a disorder in the present era. Mr. Sachin gave snapshots from his life and elaborated on how children worship their teachers which makes the role of the latter immense. He gave practical tips as to how sports, debating, co-curricular activities can be drilled into the students.

Mrs. Urvashi Bhatia highlighted on the importance of communication skills. She explained the Hierarchy of needs by Maslow. The session concluded with the gist that teachers have the ability to color the memories of a child and Principals as heads need to shoulder a greater responsibility of guiding their teachers into bringing reforms in the Indian education system and revolutionize the classroom teaching.

17 Apr,2018

Promises to keep...Investiture ceremony

“Before you are a leader , success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader , success is all about growing others.”                                                                                                                 Jack welch

An Investiture Ceremony was held in the campus. The event began with the motivational song. The newly appointed Council Members were adorned with sashes and received the flag from school Principal and respective House Masters. The Head Boy, Ankchit Kohli and Head Girl, Anushka Bhaskar promised a definite change for the better tomorrow with great conviction in their oath to discharge their duties with sincerity and fulfill everyone's expectations. The school Principal congratulated the new council and encouraged them to inculcate the qualities of leadership and responsibility to uphold the dignity of the school. The newly appointed Council Members of School marched in with heads held high, to the beautiful beats of the school band, on this great occasion of Investiture ceremony of the new Office Bearers of the School.

12 Apr,2018


Baisakhi, the harvest festival of northern India was celebrated with fervor and gaiety. The spirit of Baisakhi was captured and shared with fellow students and teachers. Students highlighted the significance of the festival by reciting poems and delivering speeches in the School Assembly. They also spoke about the contributions of Guru Gobind Singh Ji to the Sikh Community. They also enthralled everyone with exciting Punjabi folk dance Gidda & Bhangra. They were dressed in colorful and bright attires. Children were made aware about the importance of the festival by their respective class teachers. The School Principal advised the students to uphold their traditional values & motivated them to participate in such activities with full spirit and enthusiasm.

24 Mar,2018


An innovative venture of book-exchange was held in the premises. The group effort of the parents with the co-operation and consent of the school authorities, aimed at sharing and lowering the financial burden of the parents. The exchange mela had stalls where the parents could voluntarily give the old book sets of their children and in return get the required books of the next class. Appreciating the initiative, the School Principal said that the mela would not only have short term benefits but long term as well. 

17 Feb,2018


An adventure camp was organized for classes I to V. The event generated thrill and excitement among the students. The camp was organized in association with ‘Mapple India’s premiere Adventure Training Company. The participants were exposed to various adventure activities like the swinging Bridge, Laser Beam, Commando crawl, Hop scotch, Hamster wheel, Commando  net, wall climbing, tent pitching and other energizing games. The amount of energy and enthusiasm exhibited by students was enthralling. Overall it was a Joyful and enriching experience.

14 Feb,2018

Capacity Building Programme in Career Guidance

Teacher is a lifelong learner. The teaching fraternity has to keep abreast with ever changing technology. Keeping this in view CBSE conducted a workshop on Capacity Building Programme in Career Guidance. The host school was BCM School, Basant Avenue, Dugri, Ludhiana. It was attended by 41 delegates of various schools across the region. The interactive session was conducted by Dr. Rakesh Sehgal (Retd. Principal) and Ms.  Vega Sharma, (Free Lancer) as the Resource persons. The event started with floral welcome of the resource persons by the school Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi. The session commenced with rejuvenating activities and the teachers participated enthusiastically in the group discussion and sought answers to their queries. Some informative videos were also shown to the teachers. The handouts were given which were to be summarized by the teachers segregated into various groups.

Participants were told about the importance of career guidance in an arena of choices. Resource Person expressed that role of teacher is crucial in Career Guidance. A student can make right career choice if teachers integrate career information with subjects. A stress was laid on providing children opportunities to explore their interests, hobbies, skills and to develop their personality. The workshop ended with a note that a systematic and planned set of activities at secondary and senior secondary level can help children to make informed future choice. The workshop culminated with a vote of thanks by the participants of the workshop.

01 Feb,2018


To enhance the interest of the students in science and technology a movie on ‘Solar System’ was  shown by the staff of Space Club for the students of classes VI and VII through mobile planetarium. Students got a lot of information on Universe through movie. Misconceptions of the students also got cleared through face to face interaction with the staff of space club. Students became highly motivated and inspired after watching movie and their interest in science got deeply embedded. Principal of the school Dr. Vandna Shahi welcomed the staff of Space Club and congratulated them for the success of the event.

30 Jan,2018

Inter school Vedic Declamation

An inter school Vedic Declamation contest organized by Ved Prachar Mandal was held in the School, in which 24 schools of the district participated. Participants declaimed on various Vedic issues like ‘Mansik pradushan’, ‘Nar na ho nirash karo man ki’,’Tanav mukti ka sadhan-Yog’, ‘Rashtriya asmita ka aadhar-Hindi’ etc. and displayed their excellent oratory skills.

Dr. Narinder Bhargav, Commandant 3rd IRB, Punjab Police was the Chief Guest of the day. Mrs. Inderjit Kaur, Principal, Ramgarhia Girls College presided over the function.

The contest was adjudged by Mrs. Indermohan Kaur (Rtd. Professor, Master Tara Singh College), Mrs. Sarojini Saida (Retd. Lecturer, Ramgarhia Girls College, Phagwara) and Mrs. Harsimran Kaur (Lecturer, Ramgarhia Girls College, Ludhiana).

The first position was bagged by Chavi Sood of KVM School, Second position was shared by Geetika of BVM School, Udham Singh Nagar and Shivang Tripathi of International Public School, Third position was shared by Khushi of GNIPS, Model Town and Dhruv Arora of Greenland School, Subhash Nagar. Consolation prize was given to Bhavuk Jain of DAV School, Pakhowal Road and Meha Maggo , BVM, Kithlu nagar.

Winners were honoured with trophies. The school Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi congratulated the winners and remarked that good oratory skills are very essential to polish the personality of individual and to kindle the spark of values. Sh. Roshanlal Arya, state Gen. Secretary, Ved Pracher Mandal proposed vote of thanks.

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27 Nov,2017

Athletic Meet


 “The five S’s of sports training are: Stamina, Speed, Strength, Skill and Spirit, but the greatest of these is "spirit". 

The annual athletic meet 2017 for the students of class I was held. The school playground was filled with great zeal, excitement and frolicsome atmosphere. The students displayed a wide array of colorful and reverberant events such as hoopla race matki race, spoon and lemon, shoe hunt etc. The School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi applauded the efforts of the students and the teachers for making the event a huge success.  

18 Nov,2017

‘The Palette - Colors of life’

Galore of vibrant performances and staggering stage acts marked the annual day celebrations in the School. The entire cultural extravaganza was woven around the theme, ‘The Palette - Colors of life’. Dr. Sandeep Puri (Principal & Prof. DMC & H Ludhiana) was the chief guest of the day. Sh. Suresh Munjal (President, BCM Management) presided over the function. Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi, read the Annual report of the school highlighting the glorious achievements of the year. A holy start was imparted to the function with the lamp lighting ceremony and Ganpati Vandana .

With every stroke the journey took the guests deeper into the different shades of human life.

The   Tribute to Sh. R. B. Khanna brought back the pain of his absence in every heart.

The unique presentation of Yoga marinated with the theme of Swachh India was liked by all. The audience was enraptured by the Qwalli & Succession of life depicting different stages. A puppet show was a direct tribute to the real Karamyogi, Sh. Satyanand Ji Munjal .  The host families of children from Germany under the YFU program were also acknowledged.

Prizes were given by the Chief Guest to the scintillating stars of the academic year 2016-2017 with Kritika Kochar , capturing the limelight being the school topper .

The Chief Guest, Dr. Sandeep Puri expressed his heart‘s elation & commended the efforts of students and teachers. He congratulated them on the great success of the theme based event.

The gala event concluded with the Modeling with patriotic fervor by students and teachers giving the message of love India be Indian.

Sh. S.K Mehta JI, school Manager presented the Vote of Thanks and the event ended with the National Anthem.   

03 Nov,2017


Students of our school won laurels by getting positions in different sports tournaments played at zonal and state levels.

  • Manpriyam Singh (VII DAFFODIL), Rashmeet (VII Aster) and Ravneet (VII Aster) participated in Taekwondo Championship (Open category) organized by MOGA TAEKWON -DO ASSOCIATION  and got SILVER MEDAL, BRONZE MEDAL and GOLD MEDAL respectively.

27 Oct,2017

Thrilling Experience of Adventure and exploring culture

The school organized one day trip to Kesgarh Sahib, Viraasat – e – Khalsa and Mapple Adventure Park for the students of classes VIII, X , XI and  XII . Students paid obeisance at Gurudwara Sahib and visited Viraasat – e – Khalsa where they had tour of galleries depicting sikh history and show casing different eras of the same. Handicrafts, paintings and animatronics along with live uses of ultra modern technology left the students spell bound.

Further, students visited Mapple Adventure Park where they tested their adventurous loving soul by taking part in host of thrilling activities like Valley crossing, rope balancing, wall climbing etc. The trip provided students a gamut of outdoor adventurous activities in which youngsters experienced unrivalled fun & thrill. Overall, the trip offered fun, laughter, introduction with glorious art & culture and adventure to the students leaving behind unforgettable memories.

05 Sep,2017


“Teachers are torch bearers of the Generation Next”

To acknowledge and recognize hard work put- up by teachers, Teachers’ Day was celebrated in BCM School, Dugri with great zeal. The Chief Guest for the event was Sh. Suresh Munjal, President of BCM Management Committee. The members of school management also graced the occasion.

The event began with Lamp lighting followed by floral welcome. Students of classes VII & VIII sang melodious patriotic song and filled the audience with love for their nation. Children of class I paid tribute to their teachers by an enthralling dance performance.

Nukkad Natak was prepared by the students on misuse of Mobile Phones and craze of selfie among youngsters.

The Chief Guest presented his views highlighting the contribution made by teacher in up-liftment of society and applauded for their devotion in field of education. The Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, thanked the teachers for their sincere efforts and advised them to introspect and rededicate to the cause of education.

29 Aug,2017

Inter School Achievers


Bcm’ites paving their way to success.





Saavan Teej Fest


First(Miss Teej)

Third(Solo song)

Third(Fancy Dress)

Second (School Band)   

Tanveer Kaur



Band Team


Organized by Sahodya School Complex at BCM Arya 


Sanchi,Tanvir Singh, Ananya Sharma

Patriotic Group Song 

Organized by Sahodya School Complex at Atam Public School


Gurnoor, Jasmeet, Vanshika, Shivam,Armann, Arshdeep, Shubhpreet, Deepanshu



Organized by Robo Genius Academy at Delhi Public School


Pratham, Sukhman, Aditya Jain

Turf 2017


Organized by PCTE


Third(Dumb Charades)

Gurleen Kaur

Vishavjeet & Arihant 


Quiz Contest


Organized by GGPS Civil Lines


Jaskirat, Tanvir, Jaivardhan 

Matrix 2017


Organized by GGNIMT

Second(Fancy Dress)

Second (What's Your Story)



19 Aug,2017

Celebrating Victory(Results of Zonal Matches)

Students of the school brought laurels by getting positions in Zonal Matches.





Zonal Bedminton Tournament Girl(U-19)

BCM Arya


Saloni Sharma, Manali Kothai, Komalpreet, Sargun Goyal, Urvashi

Saloni Sharma selected for district level tournament .

Zonal Cricket Tournament  Boys (U-14)

Nankana Sahib Public School



Zonal Wrestling Tournament

Jesus Sacred Soul School




Lovish Sharma & Mohit Kundal selected for district level tournament.


Cricket team (U-14 Boys) of school has reached the Semifinals by registering victory over BCM School, Basant City, GNPS, Sarabha Nagar and BCM Arya, Shastri Nagar.

11 Aug,2017


Freedom in the mind,

Faith in the words.

Pride in the souls

Let’s salute the nation on this auspicious day.

To mark Independence Day,” Festival of Freedom” was celebrated with patriotic zeal and enthusiasm in the school premises. Sh. Suresh Munjal, President BCM Managing Committee inaugurated the event with Nav Bharat Pledge and gave kick start to “Green India Clean India” drive. Mystical patriotic tunes by school band and tricolour ambience soaked everyone in patriotic fervour. Students also participated in quiz and painting competition based on Independence Day theme. Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi said that event we celebrate today is but a step, for the greater triumph, let’s give our children roots of responsibility and wings of Independence. On the day school management awarded cash prize to class XII Board toppers.

09 Aug,2017

Seminar on Cyber Security

Seminar on cyber security for students of class IX to XI was organized at BCM School, Dugri. Seminar was conducted by Mr. Rakshit Tandon, Cyber Security Expert of India. He made students aware of quick and constantly evolving nature of cyber risks. He gave tips to protect network, devices, program and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. Students were also made aware of cyber law. He encouraged students to participate more into outdoor activities and refrain from social media. Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi appreciated the efforts of Mr. Rakshit Tandon for creating awareness amongst masses and stressed the need of more such programmes.

08 Jul,2017


It is very crucial to update the teachers with new programs to bring novelty in their teaching profession. A workshop on Neuro Linguistic was held at the campus by Mr. Rishabh Khanna certified NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) practitioner. He introduced the teachers with Neuro Linguistics Programme highlighting how words impact our thinking and their importance in day to day teaching. He focused that it is the duty of a teacher to make the child aware of his abilities and be successful. Teachers must make efforts to put the concept in the long term memory of the students.