08 Mar,2021

Achievements & Awards

BRIDGE INTELIA virtual science fair was conducted for the students of classes 1-12. It is a moment of pride for us that our students brought laurels to the school by bagging consolation prizes in different categories. The event was based on the theme of Technology, Science and Sports. Students were bestowed with e-certificates under the category Science and Technology.

Student Name



Ankit Pandey


Model selected in Most Innovative Project Category 

Mohit Verma


Best Digital Presentation

Prisha Sharma


Runner up of Most Innovative Project

Gurvansh Singh


Consolation Prize in Most Innovative Project

01 Mar,2021


Stories always give wings to our imagination and take us to place beyond the boundaries of physical world. Keeping this in mind, Teenager Talent Virtual Program: Hindi Storytelling Competition was conducted at National Level for grades II-X by “Everyone Star Organization” on digital portal YouTube. The objective of the competition was to provide an opportunity for students to develop an appreciation for the beauty of Hindi language. It also aimed to hone students’ skills in imagining and visualizing stories and enhance their presentation and communication skills by sharing their stories with others. The participants made Story Telling videos which were uploaded on YouTube. They were adjudged on the basis of content, voice modulation, confidence and creativity. The stories were liked and appreciated by the viewers and judges. BCMites bagged different positions at District, State and National level. Certificates were provided to the winners along with all participating students.

28 Feb,2021


'The science of today is the technology of tomorrow’

To commemorate the invention of ‘The Raman Effect’ by the veteran Indian Physicist, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, National Science Day was celebrated virtually with great enthusiasm. A special event was organized by the Science department to instill the love for science among the students. The event was presided over by the School Principal.

To spread awareness about the significance of scientific applications in daily lives ‘Virtual Science Fair’ was organized for the students of the classes II & III. The young learners showcased hands-on learning in science with much practical and scientific approach. It aimed at providing a common platform to the students to give shape to their innovative ideas and also to learn from each other's experiences. A fun filled ‘Virtual Science Experiment day’ was observed by the students of classes IV & V. They tried their hands on different experiments to have a better understanding of the scientific concepts. This experiential learning of scientific experiments helped to develop resourcefulness, planning, goal setting and problem solving. Students were quite enthusiastic as they integrated their experiments with the real life experiences.Students of classes VI to VIII participated in plethora of activities like quiz, poster making and debate. The entire event was adjudged by the Middlewing Coordinator, Ms. Raechal Bhatti and Science HOD, Ms. Neena Tiwari. Winners were awarded with virtual certificates. The School Principal applauded the endeavor of the teachers and students. It was indeed a very knowledgeable day in which the main motive was to spread the message about the importance of science used in the daily life.

24 Feb,2021


A Virtual Alumni Meet was attended by about 100 alumni, in India and abroad, from the batches 2016-2019. The event began on a very excited note with a virtual tour of the school. The Principal addressed the alumni and blessed them for a successful future. Sukhdarshan Singh (President Alumni Association) and Simratjit Singh (Correspondent Alumni Association) shared their success journey and suggested them to remain connected and contribute to the school programs. Besides them, alumni like Tushar Chauhan, Reet Singh, Prabhleen Kaur, Ravi Jha and Nitya Goel expressed their feelings through a poem, speech etc. and recalled the moments spent in school. Mehrab Kaur mesmerized all with her melodious voice. They were entertained with few riddles and legendary dance performance of Saksham Sharma. Video of their school time made them cherish their memories and left them nostalgic. They had a lot of fun interacting with the teachers and friends. On the whole, it was a great event which came to an optimistic end to meet again in future

21 Feb,2021


To enable students to think clearly and rationally, an interactive critical thinking session was organized for the students of the Primary Wing. Different online activities and games were organized for the students enabling them to construct a logically sound and well-reasoned argument. It also promoted many good qualities like teamwork, problem solving skills, time management, patience, etc. among the students. Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, appreciated the creative skills of the students and elaborated that to engage students in critical thinking, the educator needs to act as a facilitator to allow grounds for discussion and encourage a wider and open thought process.

21 Feb,2021


If you talk to a person in a language he understands, it goes to his head. If you talk to him in his Mother tongue it goes to his heart.

International Mother Language Day was celebrated in assorted and exciting flavors, weaving out various activities to portray the importance of mother language. The objective of the celebration was to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. Students of Middlewing presented the beauty of their state language through different activities. They sang folk songs, recited poems and delivered speeches on the same. Coordinator, Ms. Rachel Bhatti, summed up saying that recognizing and appreciating the different languages and cultures in the community is a way for people to grow and change.

12 Feb,2021


Traffic department in association with District Child Protection Department conducted a seminar on Road Safety Awareness Programme in the school campus. ACP Gurdev Singh, Ms Rashmi( District child protection officer) along with S. Harminder Singh (Officer, Education Department) made the drivers aware of the various road safety measures. The main objective was to empower the drivers with the right knowledge, skills and attitude to ensure proper safety of the children. They were made aware of their responsibility as road users and  acquainted with the safety rules to be followed. Drivers were further instructed for the frequent checking of fitness of school buses including speed limiting devices and their own health check up. Overall, it was a purposeful session which equipped the drivers with situation and response techniques during driving

11 Feb,2021

International Day of women and Girls in Science

The students of classes II & III celebrated ‘The International Day of Women and Girls in Science’  to promote full and equal participation in science for women and girls. A documentary highlighting the critical role that women and girls play in science and technology was shared with the students. The students were made aware about the commendable contribution of some of the great Indian women scientists like Nandini Harinath, Anuradha T.K., Minal Rohit, Moumita Dutta, etc. in the field of science. Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, stated that since the time immemorial, women have overcome odds and challenged adversity. 

10 Feb,2021

National Deworming Day

To spread awareness about the importance of deworming among the students of the Primary wing, ‘National Deworming Day' was observed. A documentary sharing a valuable piece of information about the importance of taking deworming tablets and its impact on health was shared with the students. It also encouraged the children to follow the healthy hygienic habits like washing hands properly before eating anything and after using toilet, keeping nails short as much as possible to prevent further infections, eating properly cooked food, etc. Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, also spoke on the importance of deworming and emphasized that the worms in children interfere with nutrient uptake, and can contribute to malnourishment and impaired mental and physical development.

05 Feb,2021


The internet is not only a part of our life but also of every student's whether socializing with friends, listening to music, developing a hobby or studying. With an aim to promote more safer and responsible use of online technology, a webinar was organized on Internet Safety Day for the students of classes VI and VII. Participants were provided with information on prevention, tackling and reporting mechanism. They were shared the tips to reduce the acceptance of cyber- bullying. They were also advised to reduce the screen timings with electronic devices and social media.

05 Feb,2021

Work Experience Classes

To integrate classroom-based learning into a real work environment, work experience classes were organized for the students of Primary wing. The students were made aware about the importance of 3 Rs i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Stressing upon the reuse of the waste material the students were motivated to look into some creative recycling ideas for common household items. By using the waste products in best possible ways, the students made various items like bird feeder, pen holder, calendar, wall hangings, etc. Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur appreciated the creative skills of the students and elaborated the importance of experiential learning.

27 Jan,2021

Republic Day Celebration

BCMites celebrated 72nd Republic Day with great éclat and took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. Celebrations commenced with gamut of activities for all the wings. Different online competitions based on the patriotic theme such as slogan writing, poem recitation and fancy dress were organized for Primary Wing students. The students enthusiastically participated and presented their creative skills. Middle wing students participated in Poster making and Greeting Card making activities. They expressed their patriotic zeal by distributing cards with the message of being responsible citizens. An online Patriotic Song Competition was conducted for the Senior Wing students, who sang melodious songs devoted to their country. Senior Secondary wing also celebrated the day performing different activities like flying tricolor kites, presenting PPTs on the lives of freedom fighters, preparing tricolor dishes, making collage of great personalities, delivering speeches and expressing their gratitude towards our soldiers in their verses and songs.

Drive thru event on Republic Day was also held at Kindergarten wing. Children visited the school along with the parents in their own vehicles which were beautifully decorated with tri colour flags and balloons.They all were very excited to see the main attractions like fairy land, animal kingdom, sand castle and army tank. Delight of visiting the school after so long was very much evident on their faces. The whole school was embellished in vibrant colours to fuel the spirit of patriotism.

Flag Hoisting Ceremony was held at the school premises. The school Principal conducted the ceremony which concluded with the recitation of National Anthem.The school Principal in her address highlighted the significance of the day and made the children aware that the future of the country lies in their hands. She also applauded all the participants for making Republic Day celebration a grand success.

12 Jan,2021

Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat

With an aim to promote the essence of “Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat“ the students of the Primary Wing were sensitized about the culture, tradition and customs of the paired state Andhra Pradesh. They were totally absorbed in the festive spirit of Lohri and Pongal. They were told about the significance of celebrating both the festivals. The students dressed up in beautiful traditional attires and danced energetically on the folk beats. They enjoyed peanuts, popcorn and gachak with their families.  The Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, blessed children with the hope that the coming year would bring happiness in their lives. She also encouraged teachers to play a vital role to keep the tradition and culture alive in the festivities.

12 Jan,2021

National Youth Day

To honour the contributions of Swami Vivekananda, the students of classes II-VIII celebrated his birth anniversary with great enthusiasm. A painting competition on the theme- issues related to the youth was conducted for the students of classes II & III. They beautifully presented their artistic skills and created the masterpieces. To make students aware about the ideals and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda, a video based on his philosophies was also shared with them.

11 Jan,2021

Road Safety Week

The students of Primary Wing celebrated the ‘Road Safety Week’ with much enthusiasm. The students were made aware about necessary guidelines regarding road safety, its precautions, general rules and traffic signs. They were also made aware about the common mistakes made on the road that can cost them their life. The Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, emphasized on the importance of understanding and following traffic rules. She also highlighted the importance of obeying rules while travelling on the roads and the rules for the pedestrians.

10 Jan,2021

World Hindi Day

To rekindle the love for Hindi language among the students, an activity for the students of the Primary Wing was organized. The young learners’ whole heartedly took part in the activity with great enthusiasm. An interactive fun learning classroom session was organized for the students. To reinforce the significance of the day an informative quiz, riddles, etc. was organized for the students. Students were made aware about the importance of Hindi language and how celebrating the day helps in sustaining traditional values and reinforcing the languages' importance. The Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, applauded the extensive participation of students in the activity and further elaborated that the reason behind celebrating the World Hindi Day is to inculcate a feeling of national identity and pride.

29 Dec,2020


Virtual sports meet 'FUNATHON 2020' was organised for t he students of Primary Wing. The sacred flame of the games was lit in the school premises which represented the endeavour for perfection and symbolized the light of spirit, knowledge, and life. The participants virtually reaffirmed their pledge towards maintaining the true spirit of sportsmanship, integrity and fair play in the games. A vibrant performance by the teachers displaying the aerobic moves and ring drill enthralled everyone. The school principal declared the sports meet open and released the balloons. The little ones tried their best to outdo each other in their virtual game challenges like spot hopping, jump and dress-up, hit the target, pack the bag, dribble the ball, cross the hurdle, etc. The winners were acknowledged and participants were encouraged in the award ceremony. E-certificates were given to the winners. The Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur, lauded the efforts of the students and stressed on the need to maintain a balance between academic and sports activities. 

28 Dec,2020


To promote physical fitness and increase active field time, a funfilled games session was held for teachers of Middle Wing in school playground. Teachers were involved in several fitness related activities including sports, games and aerobics. They enthusiastically participated in various games and races like musical chair, tug of war, spoon race, balancing race etc. Teachers enjoyed aerobics session which included music and dance steps. Along with this, they learnt benefits of fitness related activities on regular basis which help to keep their body and mind fit.

24 Dec,2020


BCMites celebrated the spirit of Christmas with joy and cheer. Students of classes II to VII virtually presented beautiful dances, songs and presentation during virtual snack party organised on the eve of Christmas. Students clad in the costumes of santas, angels and fairies wished merry X-Mas to everyone. An overflow of enthusiasm, mirth and joy was witnessed all around. Tiny tots looked charming and fresh clad in the costumes of santas, angels, fairies. Everybody swayed and waved along the tunes of ‘Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell….’, and ‘O Jesus….’.

The school Principal gave her heartfelt wishes and impressed upon the students to show love and respect to everyone. On whole, the students had a gala time.

24 Dec,2020


Annual Inter school Techno-Edu festival “Wiztech 2020” was organized wherein the children got an opportunity to learn and discover the latest in the field of IT and technology by participating in various online /offline events. BCMites proved their mettle by winning various positions in the competition.


Name of the



Organized By






DCM Presidency








Power point presentation




AI Design









Certificate of

Meritorious Performance

DLF Public School,  Delhi



Game on the Rocks

Certificate of

Meritorious Performance


                                                             The winners were congratulated by the School Principal for their exemplary performance in different events.

18 Dec,2020


With an aim to bring qualitative improvement in teaching learning process and to produce learners’ skill development, an In-House Teachers’ Learning Programme was organized for the teachers of Middle Wing. Emphasis was laid on development of 3Cs: Critical Thinking, Creative and Communication Skills. Teachers were also guided to strengthen the same among learners. Teachers participated enthusiastically in Group Discussions, Panel Discussions and they presented their views on New Education Policy and other topics of their choice which helped them grow professionally. The School Counsellor, Ms. Charanjeet Kaur, had counselling sessions with the teachers where she talked about mental wellness and relaxation techniques to reduce stress. The programme helped participants to stimulate their creativity, tap their own ability to think critically and explore new ideas.

14 Dec,2020


BCMites proved their potential and went a step ahead by bagging various positions and prizes in different Virtual Interschool Competitions.


Name of the Event


Organized By






“Bit Bytes”

An Interschool LSSC competition



Dotcom Weavers




e- Communique




e- Communique




Nick With Pic




Nick With Pic




Cyber Caption


LSSC Computer Carnival



Grammar Quiz




G.S.Memorial -2020

(An Inter-school Kids Festival)







Poem Recitation




Powerpoint presentation




YouTube Channel




Editorial Cartoon making












Wiztech 3




Minecraft: Break the Code








AI Design




Power Point Presentation



The winners were congratulated by the School Principal for their exemplary performance in different events.


10 Dec,2020


To empower and acknowledge the advocates and defenders of human rights around the world, Human Rights Day is celebrated annually across the world. The primary wing students celebrated Human Rights Day with much enthusiasm and zeal. They were sensitized about the various rights that are needed for leading a dignified life. The junior artists made beautiful posters and banners highlighting the importance of these rights. They understood that these rights embodies key values in our society such as fairness, dignity, equality and respect.

03 Dec,2020


Students of Primary Wing celebrated ‘Technotsav 2020’- a myriad of celebrations replete with music, dazzling dances and hues of colours amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation. The students of classes II & III presented mesmerizing cultural events such as dances, plays, magic show, fireless cooking, family fashion show, puppet dance, math tricks, mimicry, mono acting, ad mad shows, folk dance, etc. The coordinator, Ms.Sukhnandan Kaur  appreciated the efforts of the students and encouraged children to use this time of pandemic to stay connected, safe and build stronger bonds. She congratulated the students for the excellent performance. The celebrations concluded on a happy note encouraging the students to establish further milestones in the journey of success.

28 Nov,2020


For the young upcoming talent, Story Enactment Competition was organized for the students of class V. Students of all the sections gave outstanding performances. Various creative props were used with such innovative ideas. Perfect vocabulary and confident presentation were the main highlights of the competition. The children looked stunning in their colorful outfits and headgears. Students used the virtual platform in an excellent manner. The competition inspired the children to think, work and enact creatively and promoted artistic excellence and made the event most enjoyable for one and all.

26 Nov,2020


The school organized a webinar for the students of classes VIII & IX to commemorate the spirit of the Indian Constitution Day. Resource person, Ms Nidhi Sharma told the students that Constitution Day (National Law Day), also known as Samvidhan Divas, is celebrated in India to commemorate the adoption of Constitution of India on 26 November 1949.She imparted the knowledge about the constitution, the preamble, fundamental rights, fundamental duties, directive principles of state and the union  territory. The Senior Wing Coordinator, Ms.Anjan Kalia, said that the purpose to organize this webinar was actually to inform the students about the importance of law and make them law abiding citizens. Thus, the Constitution Day was celebrated with extreme reverence and remembrance of the great men and women who drafted the constitution that was defined by a noble and expansive philosophy.

19 Nov,2020


Debates help children enhance academic research, creativity, expression and communication skills as well as learn the nuances of debating, putting forth viewpoints confidently and gaining unparalleled knowledge. Keeping this in mind, an Inter-House debate Competition was conducted for the students of grade IX & above on ‘Nation states should open their borders for refugees and migrants’. The event was graced by the house masters who conveyed her best wishes to all the participants. The participants, armed with statistics and data made their arguments emphatic discussing the complex yet significant social issue. They exhibited great oratory skill. Debaters from each house debated excellently in favour and against the motion. The audience applauded each one of them as they kept forth their arguments with great confidence and aplomb. The contestants were judged on content, expression and fluency. The event was an erudite experience for both the participants as well as the audience. Gurleen Kaur (X Rose) and Niranjan (X M/G)of Shalimar house bagged 1st & 2nd position whereas Piyush (X Daisy) of Pukhraj House got 3rd position. Consolation Prize was given to Ashmeet Kaur(XI Arts) of Gulmohar House.

19 Nov,2020


National Integration Day, also known as Quami Ekta Divas, is celebrated to upgrade the affection and solidarity among individuals all over India. BCMites  enthusiastically celebrated the day by organising an ‘Inter Class  Dance Competition’ for the students of the Primary Wing. The students presented the diverse performances on wide spectrum of folk songs of different states like Rajasthan, Haryanya, Himachal, Kashmiri, etc. The students gracefully represented the glory of different states marking the love, peace and unity that we all share. Young learners were thrilled to be a part of colourful, vibrant and energizing event. An integrated folk dance performance was also presented by the teachers. The Coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandanpal  Kaur , congratulated the winners and appreciated the performances of the children and also encouraged them to participate more in such competitions to enhance their talents.

17 Nov,2020


BCMites celebrated Diwali and Bhai Dooj with great fervour & excitement. Students of classes IV to VII showcased their artistic aptitude by making beautiful Rangoli designs, made colourful diyas, designed candles and even decorated their homes with the sterling Torans. They even exhibited their love for siblings on the eve of Bhai Dooj as they decorated beautiful thalis for pooja and performed all rituals with full zeal and vigour.

The Midle Wing Coordinator, Ms. Rachel Bhatti, appreciated the concern shown by the students towards the environment through their aesthetic creations. She expressed the hope that only students can change the face of this nation. She also admired the responsible attitude of the students towards making India clean and green.

16 Nov,2020


Children's Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gusto. The students of Middle Wing (Classes IV to VII) highlighted the significance of the Children's Day through various speeches and poems. Children attended the virtual celebration in colourful attires as many of them were clad in Nehru's outfit with red rose pinned on to them.  Special performances of the teachers added colour to the occasion. Teachers organised a fun-filled day for the students by organizing a virtual party filled with music, dance and some fun filled activities. Students of senior classes delivered speeches on the occasion and paid tribute to legendary freedom fighter, Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru,  for his long struggle to achieve independence. Students also made handmade paper roses embracing the deep love and enthusiasm Chacha Nehru had towards the children. The day laid emphasis on the importance of giving love, attention and affection to children.

13 Nov,2020


The much awaited 5-day venture to save planet earth commenced with the live streaming of its inaugural session on YouTube. The school principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi in her introductory speech, clarified the main objective of the event which is to sensitise students towards environment degradation and its threats.

The event got a kickstart when the students discussed about the priceless treasures explored in the kitchen. It was very informative when they emphasised on home remedies and explained the benefits of local spices and herbs.The coordinator of middle wing, Miss Rachel Bhatti appreciated the efforts of students in searching the hidden benefits of common spices like cardamom, fenugreek,turmeric etc.

The event organiser, Ms. Charanjit Kalra remarked that the project has been sequenced as such that it would prove to be a complete learning package for the students. She also emphasised on the current need of real life skill learning and its benefits to the present generation.

12 Nov,2020


To keep the students engaged and enlightened in a fruitful way, an Inter Section GK Quiz Contest was conducted for the BCMites of Class XI on account of National Education Day. It was held to commemorate the birth anniversary of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. The motive behind the same was to explore and improvise the general knowledge skills of the students.Each team comprising of two members had been put to test through various interesting and challenging rounds .Their knowledge was assessed in different aspects like Reasoning,Mythology, Facts about India, General English etc.The event witnessed an enthusiastic and highly charged competition among the participants. 
After having an exciting contest ,finally the team of XI COM A (Kunal Verma and Aditya Shah) emerged as the winner.Dr. Vandna Shahi ,the Principal of the institute congratulated the winners and applauded the efforts of all the participants. On the whole it was really an enriching experience for the young scholars providing them an ample scope for learning and exploring the new ideas.

07 Nov,2020


Day 2 of the purposeful venture ’Ek Abhyan, Jan Kalyan, Dhara Bachao’ witnessed a plethora of activities with natural therapies carrying the limelight. The topic for the day was ‘Dr. Earth, Nature- the healer’  where students presented their views and highlighted the procedures as well as benefits of natural therapies in detail via live streaming. They enlightened the viewers about the magical benefits of sand, water, salt, aroma,sun and steam therapies for the cure of certain ailments. The participants under the able guidance of the event incharge Ms. Anjana, gave valuable tips. Where one student highlighted the hydra therapy and its extreme benefits to the extent of prevention of kidney stones, the other talked about the rocksalt being a de stressing agent. The students explored the arena of therapeutic values of mud and its types as well.

The school principal Dr Vandna Shahi appreciating the efforts emphasised on the use of natural therapies for the cure of common ailments rather than resorting to medicine.

Mrs Charanjit Kalra, the event organiser in her address remarked that in the fast world of today where everyone falls prey to one or the other problem, people should incline towards naturopathy rather than heavy medical doses. The whole session proved to be quite informative and satisfactory as it was witnessed by a  huge number of live audience.Ms Rachel Bhatti event coordinator said that this event is a way to integrate learning with life skills.

31 Oct,2020


On the occasion of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s Jayanti and ‘ Rashtriya Ekta Diwas’ , BCMites paid homage to the Iron Man of India and recalled his contribution towards building India a diversified yet a united nation. The celebrations aimed to make the students aware about the importance of national unity for the progress, security and development of any nation. A special assembly was conducted to support the cause of promoting the unity and integrity in the country. To explore patriotism and awareness related to the country, a virtual ‘Ekta chain’, was formed by the students and teachers, symbolizing national unity irrespective of caste, colour and creed.  

Virtual Quiz with different rounds was also conducted. The speech highlighted the contributions of Sardar Patel in fostering the spirit of nationalism in the country. The students also made attractive posters to spread message of unification. A documentary on the philosophies and life of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel was also screened for the students. On this solemn occasion, all students and faculty members undertook the ‘Rashtriya Ekta Diwas Pledge’. The students resolved to strive hard and follow the vision of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. The School Principal saluted the great leader who lent his steely strength to India’s consolidation after independence, in full measure. She also motivated the students to adopt the positive attitude towards real strength of unity in diversity.

26 Oct,2020


Keeping the festive spirit alive, Dussehra was celebrated with a lot of zeal and devotion virtually by BCMites.  The festive spirit was given a bloom by plethora of activities.  Students of Primary Wing showcased a Puppet Show to reiterat the message of victory of good over evil. A spectacular puppet act depicting various scenes from Lord Rama’s life was presented by the teachers in which they presented the various scenes like Lord Rama’s birth, Sita Swayamvar, the banishment of Lord Rama from Ayodhaya followed by his victory over Ravana.  Middle Wing students prepared a power-point presentation depicting Ram Lila Manchan and Ravana Dehan and senior students told unknown facts of the Ramayna through animated videos and made different weapons like ,gadda, sword, protective shield etc. The school students  enthusiastically participated in art competitions of Paper Ravana making and thematic collage making. All the activities lend a soulful and pious spirit to the celebration. These activities not only generated a festive aura but also taught moral values to the students. They were intimated of the Ravana’s single mistake which overpowered and nullified his entire wisdom and were motivated to be genuine in their doings. The Principal blessed all the students and inspired them to follow the path of virtue.  Overall, these celebrations filled hope and happiness in the lives of students during this pandemic.

24 Oct,2020


The school aired a very informative and enlightening session on YouTube to ensure ,both physical and cyber, safety of the students amidst Covid-19.  The School Principal guided the parents and students as to how they should handle the current Covid conditions and prevent themselves once the life turns to near normal. Through a presentation, she highlighted the importance of ancient Indian traditions of personal hygiene and usage of home remedies to boost immunity. She requested the parents to take care of both physical and mental health of the children by promoting home made nutritious diet. She shared the reopening guidelines for students.
On the other hand, Mrs Charanjit Kalra shared some tips as to how the parents and students can stay safe and secure technologically. She also enlisted a few safe search engines for children and requested the parents to be vigilant and beware of cyber crimes.Amidst the session the e- newsletter ‘Bcm Express’ was also released. The event was a grand success as it was attended by more than 1000 parents.

24 Oct,2020


The school celebrated United Nations Day to acknowledge and enjoy the richness of cultural diversity , closing the inequalities gap to achieve social justice and foster peace among the nations. BCMites  participated in plethora of activities like Poster Making, e- Collage Making etc. with great exuberance and vivaciousness.

The event also offered multifarious parleys on issues related to maintaining peace , promoting human rights and devising strategies to aid armed conflicts. A documentary film on Malala Yousafzai, UN Messenger of Peace, was also shown to the students of classes XI & XII . Online Quiz was also organized in which students participated with great zeal .They also took pledge to uphold the ethical values with a spirit of harmony. The ebullient faces dressed in formal regalia were zealous to fill their tabula rasa with resolutions of profound and compelling agendas. The teacher fraternity fortified the students to play their role to bring in social reform and create a happy and safe place for all to live in.The school Principal addressed the students and spurred them to deploy themselves into the international avenues of engaging reflections.

19 Oct,2020


'Festiv -O- Pedia’ Youth Fest began with a great fanfare and grandeur on a virtual platform. This 3 day event was inaugurated in presence of members of LBCMF, Sh. Suresh Ji Munjal (Trustee), Dr. Prem Kumar(Executive Director), Principals of sister concerns and many other dignitaries. The school Principal welcomed all the participants with an expectation that this virtual platform would definitely discover the artistic talents from various regions. 

Various events like Mehfil-e-Saaz, Dance Twirl, Peroration etc were organised both online and offline. 20 schools from different states participated. The school hosted 4 events: Comic Opera, Flicks & Chicks, WorldZen and Pathfinder. The events were adjudged by different eminent personalities. The events helped students to polish their skills to compete for other inter-school competitions and provided the students an opportunity to showcase their talent in diverse fields.

BCM Arya Model Sr. Sec School won the overall trophy. Mr. D.P. Guleria , Principal Bcm School Chd Road, congratulated the participants and  thanked the judges. The Management members and Principals of sister branches applauded the efforts of the students participating in various competitions and encouraged them participate with zeal in every walk of life. They all emphasized on the importance of providing continuous learning opportunities for the students to flourish and sharpen the skills.

05 Oct,2020


BCMites celebrated Gandhi Jayanti to commemorate 151st birth anniversary of Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi, a true pioneer of truth and non- violence. The main aim was to exhort the students to follow the doctrines and values of Gandhiji in order to build a society free from orthodox beliefs and rigid practices. A virtual assembly was conducted which started with Gayatri Mantra followed by mellifluous songs , aptly sermonising the principles of Mahatma Gandhi. Teachers enacted a Nukkad Natak based on the facts from the life of the great leader. Students from different classes beautifully depicted Satya Graha , Salt Movement, Dandi March etc and promoted Khadi too. They also shared anecdotes and portrayed Gandhi ji’s photographs, spectacles, walking stick and the spinning wheel or the charkha. Poems related to his life were recited. The students from classes II and III presented a short act featuring the three wise monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi's teachings.The students picked up the broom and cleaned their houses and celebrated the Rashtriya Swachhta Diwas. A patriotic dance was also presented by them . Students of classes IV to XII participated in multifarious activities like PPT Making , Quiz Contest , Slogan writing and pledged to work towards saving Mother Earth making his dreams a reality. They also promised to abide by Gandhian ethics, values and universal brotherhood. The teachers also enlightened the students about the significance of Gandhi Jayanti and encouraged them to unite and stand together for the ideals and values brought forward by the father of nation.

The School Principal appreciated the efforts of the students and motivated them to follow his footsteps by being honest, peaceful and compassionate. It was an enriching experience for students and they thoroughly enjoyed the day.

29 Sep,2020


  • The test was organized by CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) and NISTADS (National Institute of Science Technology and Development Studies) in January 2020. The motive behind the same was to evaluate the cognizance of 21st century skills, awareness and knowledge of science and technology among students.
  • Excellent performance by our marvels in the prestigious ICC All India Competition 2020 organised by ISRO. Seven students of our school are amongst the top 500 selected nationwide in all the different categories.
  • In Pencil shading competition, Eva Arora(Xll Arts) and Rajandeep  got Ist Position & got 2nd position respectively.
  • In oil pastels, Charu Goyal (Xll Science) bagged Ist position followed by Sazel Sharma (Xll com).
  • Anshul Bedi of class XI Com B won Gold Medal in National Taekwondo Championship.
  • Tanvir Singh of class XI Science got 7th International rank and 1st Zonal Rank and Tanveer Singh of class IV Tulip got 65th rank & 28th Zonal Rank in International English Olympiad.
  • CBSE National Science Exhibition was held at Suncity School, Gurgaon. Sukhman Singh and Pratham Singla (Class IX) participated in the exhibition and presented a model of robotic car using Artificial Intelligence.

15 Sep,2020


 The International Day of Democracy is celebrated around the world each year with the purpose of promoting and upholding the principles of democracy. India has been viewed as the biggest democracy in the world and the fundamental rights constitute the backbone of the nation. The school gave an opportunity to the young learners of the Primary Wing to celebrate and appreciate our democratic society by organising ‘Poster Making Activity’ for them. The students made colourful posters as well as banners highlighting the importance of Fundamental Rights in protecting the liberties and freedom of the citizens. The students understood that these fundamental rights are very essential for the all-round development of the individuals and the country. The school Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi applauded the efforts put in by the students and emphasized that India has many things to show and to be proud of and the democracy is one of them. 

08 Sep,2020


To raise an awareness and concern for literacy across the world, International literacy Day was celebrated. An activity was organized for the students of the Primary Wing. The teachers and the students took the initiative to spread the knowledge in the society by teaching the children who are not capable of getting education in the school by making educational videos, by assisting their grandparents to read and write on their own and by donating the books to the needy people. They made beautiful posters highlighting the importance of literacy as a tool that can empower individuals as well as whole communities. The School Principal signified the importance of literacy in our lives and exhorted that this day is celebrated to encourage the people towards getting continuous education and understand their responsibility for the family, society, and the country.

06 Sep,2020

Virtual Alumni Meet

More than 80 alumni from batches 2004-2015 became a part of Virtual Alumni Meet. The meet commenced with formal address of the school Principal where she thanked all the alumni for their tremendous contributions in the school progress during the pandemic and requested them to stay connected. Once city toppers, Sukhdarshan Singh and  Bakshishpreet Singh and today well placed, gave suggestions as to how schools can contribute in making a bright future for their students. Jagmeet Singh, a multi talented Alumni from 2012 batch, didn’t miss the opportunity of reminding all of his extraordinary skills. Mandeep Dhammi from batch 2004 has reached the entertainment world. Simratjeet Singh currently a CA and Mandeep Singh also a CA have their views on improvement. Mahima Goyal mesmerised all with her self-composed poem and remembered the bygone school days.

The virtual tour of the school highlighting the achievements and growth made everyone glad. All alumni in India and abroad were glad to see their school prosper by leaps and bounds. Surprising titles were also awarded to a few deserving Alumni.

They were entertained with the legendary dance performance of Saksham Sharma. They shared their memories of the school. All alumni present from India and abroad were thanked for their presence. The event concluded with a promise to meet again in future and that too physically.

28 Aug,2020


With the aim to enhance awareness about different aspects of Indian Heritage and inspire young minds to imbibe the values embedded in it, both students and teachers of the school attended Spic Macay Online Global Orientation Programme. Around 20 students (classes VI- XII) along with 15 teachers attended the program. They got an opportunity to explore core values of Indian traditions and culture. Students were informed about various art forms of different states. Videos related to classical music, dance and folk arts were shown. The students got a chance to connect with some great artists related to classical dance and music. It was a great enriching experience for them.

23 Aug,2020


Virtual Parenting Session- “Happy you.. Happy Family” was organized  for the parents of class II students .The school Principal, in her opening note, said that the secret of happy family lies in creating moments of ease and closeness. She advised the parents to spend quality time with their kids as it breaks up stress and creates strong connection with each other.

The school counselor, Charnjeet Kalra, conducted further session that was full of fun filled activities, spontaneous common-sense quiz and parenting tips. Coordinator, Ms Sukhnadan Pal Kaur, said that the aim of the session was to create stress free and memorable moments. She thanked parents for their zealous and active participation.

19 Aug,2020


 ‘Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world’

To create awareness, share ideas and encourage individuals in the field of photography, World Photography Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Senior students of classes IX - XII participated in photography activity and exhibited their talent on digital platform. Hundred of photos were shared by the youngsters depicting various genres of nature. They covered fields, landscapes, gardens, sun, moon etc. in their photography. The Coordinators applauded their efforts and said that school aims to encourage young enthusiasts to express their feelings, emotions and social thinking through their photography skills, which can gradually turn into their profession too.

15 Aug,2020


Amid pandemic, the school virtually celebrated 74th Independence Day of India with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor. Celebrations commenced one week before with gamut of activities like slogan writing, tricolor rangoli making, patriotic song competition etc. BCMites expressed their feelings in their own unique ways. Senior students decorated walls and boards with their colorful drawings and slogans. The three colors of flag saffron, white and green were highlighted in the decoration to provide the National Spirit to the celebration.  Classes VIII to X participated in delicious tricolor dish making and rangoli making activities.  Fancy dress, slogan writing and patriotic song competitions were held for Middle Wing classes. A special assembly was conducted by the students of classes II and III which created an ambience of patriotism and national spirit through a patriotic song, poetry recital, dance duet. Tiny tots attired in colourful dresses, holding tricolor balloons and flags; recited patriotic poems and spoke on the history of the day. All the participants shared the videos and pictures at digital platform.  

The fervour of patriotism lives on even during pandemic. As most of the events of Independence Day were shifted online, the highlight of the day was the Flag Hoisting Ceremony held in the campus.  The school Principal along with Coordinators of all wings hoisted the National Flag following social distancing norms. She appreciated the students for their efforts and said that such celebrations are observed to educate and sensitize students of the sacrifices made by freedom fighters.

14 Aug,2020


Poetry Recitation is a mode of expression, a medium that develops communication skills, increases vocabulary and boosts self-confidence.  To enable the students develop and hone these skills, ‘Virtual Poesy’- an Inter BCM School Virtual English Poetry Recitation Competition was held. Every participant recited the poem eloquently and enjoyed the beauty of expression, thoughts, rhyme and music of words. It was a splendid opportunity for them to exhibit their talent and confidence on digital platform. They recited on various themes like Real Warriors, A Rainbow of Hope During Pandemic, Attitude of Gratitude, Positivity Always Wins etc.

The event was adjudged by Ms. Simmi Aggarwal from Sacred Heart Convent School, Sarabha Nagar and Ms. Kirat Grewal from KVM School, Civil Lines.The students were adjudged on the parameters like content, pronunciation and voice modulation, confidence and rhythmic expression and overall presentation. The young poets enthralled everyone with their articulation and memory skills while reciting poems. The winner was Tanveer Kaur of BCM School, Basant Avenue whereas Chhavi Arora and Navnoor Kaur both participants of BCM School, Sector-32 A, Chandigarh Road shared Second position and Anchal Jindal of  Focal Point bagged the Third position. Overall First Position was bagged by BCM School, Sector-32 A, Chandigarh Road.

Vote of thanks was presented by Ms. Suruchi Jolly, Senior Coordinator. Principal of the host school appreciated the efforts of all and remarked that it is through poetry that emotion finds its thought and the thought finds words.

12 Aug,2020


“Music is an art that goes through ears straight to the heart”.

A virtual Inter House Patriotic Song Contest was conducted by for the students of class VII to mark the occasion of Independence Day. The students participated in it with a great zeal and fervor. All of them depicted their love and respect for their country through their melodious voice. Vrinda from Shalimar House bagged the first position. Kanishka from Kohinoor House and Manreet from Pukhraj House bagged the second and third position respectively. Yashika from Kohinoor House achieved   the consolation position.

18 Jul,2020


As a part of MHRD’s ‘Ek Bharat Shresth Bharat’ Programme, the partner state allotted to Punjab is Andhra Pradesh. Various activities were held for the students to foster the spirit of unity in diversity among students and to familiarize them with culture and traditions of both the states.

‘Lip Smacking Food Fusion’ activity was organized for the students of classes II and III. The students prepared mouthwatering fusion dishes of our state Punjab and the paired state Andhra Pradesh. The students energetically participated in the activity and developed feeling of oneness and belonging with the paired state. They prepared various sumptuous dishes like Dahi Vada, Upindi, Rawa Kesari, Kheer, Tomato Pappu, Medhu Vada, etc.

Virtual morning assembly was held for the students of classes VIII – X. Students were acquainted with history, culture, cuisines and climate, festivals and famous sites of both, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. The students showed great zeal to know more about the states. Virtual Quiz was also conducted for the students and their response was overwhelming.

17 Jul,2020


International Justice Day was celebrated to mark the importance of the day and to aware the students of classes XI and XII about serious crimes happening around the world. The school organized an interactive webinar with Advocate Ravinder Rawat, who is handling criminal cases and working as a socialist to prevent crimes that threaten the peace, security and well being of the world. Around 70 students of XII Arts participated in the session and were made aware about their fundamental rights and duties. The resource person defined true meaning of justice to them and told the difference between accused and victim. He also guided students how to pursue career in law and suggested some of the renowned universities and colleges of India and abroad. At last, their queries were handled. Poster making and slogan writing activities were also conducted. Students
participated enthusiastically and created attractive posters and wrote beautiful slogans depicting the importance of the day. They shared the pictures of posters and slogans through digital platform and enlightened people about their right to justice.  Overall, it was an informative and knowledgeable session for the students.

21 Jun,2020


To enable students and educators stay fit and active, which is necessary during this pandemic, International Yoga Day was celebrated virtually. Keeping in mind the Ayush Ministry’s guideline ‘yoga at home – yoga with family’, students and teachers performed different yoga asanas at their own homes with their family members and shared their pictures and videos through the digital platform. Poster making activity was also conducted. Students created beautiful posters depicting the importance of yoga in life. .

Apart from Yoga Day celebration, videos depicting different forms of exercises were shared on daily basis by the teachers under the “Fit India Mission” with the goal to help pupils stay fit and adopt an endurable and active lifestyle.

24 May,2020


BCMites paid tribute to Mahatma Satyanand Munjal Ji on his birth anniversary. Students sent the videos carrying powerful messages. They recited poems and delivered speeches on principles of Arya Samaj. They vowed to tread on the trial left by the visionary and give wings to his vision by working for upliftment of society.

27 Jan,2020

Incredible India Cultural Fiesta

School celebrated Incredible India Cultural Fiesta with great patriotic zeal. The function was a unique amalgamation of knowledge and entertainment. Highlighting the theme of Incredible India, the school was decorated elegantly with tricolor objects. The talented students presented mesmerizing cultural events. The captivating performances of the students enthralled the audience. The students presented an insight into India through human relationships and dramatic dance forms to empower the youth to appreciate their country. In the end, Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi lauded the efforts of the teachers and students for putting up an excellent show and contriving patriotic fervor.

21 Jan,2020


A Nation's biggest strength is its Army. Soldiers instill patriotism among youth. Warm Republic Day messages and wishes were sent for Indian Army as a mark of gratitude for their commendable services.

BCMmites made beautiful cards and wrote warm messages to thank the jawans for ensuring a peaceful and secured life.  It was a humble attempt to express love and appreciation. The students also shared message of peace and love for the soldiers.

05 Dec,2019


Keeping the importance of physical wellness in mind, the Sports Day was organised for classes I & II. The tiny toddlers actively participated in various events with high sportsman spirit. Students vigorously competed in events including simple race,  matka race, monkey race,  lemon race,  ring race,  rabbit race,  frog race,  relay race,  tug-of-war,  bag pack race and  under the table race. A great interest and enthusiasm was observed among the students in the arena. Winners of the races were awarded with certificates.

23 Nov,2019


An orientation programme for parents of class X was organized to facilitate a strong relationship and free communication between teachers and parents. Ms. Neena Tiwari (HOD Science), Ms. Anjan Kalia (Coordinator) and Ms. Charanjit kalra (School Counselor) gave tips to parents for  moulding their child into inquirers and thinkers, and not mere rote learners and emphasized that parents should always encourage children in a positive manner. The main objective was to familiarize the parents with the recent changes in CBSE curriculum, rules and regulations of the school, arrival and dispersal, teaching methodologies, the Co-scholastic activities and the examination system. The overall program was very inspiring and enriching and gave parents a complete insight of the educational plan for their wards.

22 Nov,2019

Einsteins in the Making

Two students Sukhman Singh & Pratham Singla of Class IX prepared a model on Artificial Intelligence for the Regional CBSE Science Exhibition, in which 102 schools participated and 140 models were displayed.They have been selected for National Level Science Exhibition too.    

19 Nov,2019

GUSTO 2019 – Journey of Transformers

“Focus on the journey, not the destination.

Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”

The Annual Day Celebration of class IV i.e ‘GUSTO 2019 – Journey of Transformers’ was woven around the theme ‘Journey of our life.’ The road to which will not always be smooth infact throughout our travels we will encounter many challenges. Dr. Alka Dogra, Skin Specialist graced the occasion as the Chief Guest for the celebration. The inaugural performance ‘Ganpati Vandana’ was a soulful symphony presented by the students. Spellbinding colourful program presented by the students included Peppy Dance, choreography on Unity in Multilingual Diversity, Yoga Act, Mission Mangal dance, Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and a vibrant Punjabi Dance.

The students enthralled the audience with their remarkable performances. In her address, the Principal of the school, Dr. Vandna Shahi lauded the coordinator, mentors and the students for conceiving and executing an event of such a grand magnitude. She also urged parents to encourage and praise their children for their good work and achievements.The celebration concluded on a happy note encouraging the students to establish further milestone in the journey of success.


01 Nov,2019


‘Vigilance Awareness Week’ was observed in the School, emphasizing the theme ’Preventive Vigilance as a tool of Good Governance’. The motive behind the same was to create awareness among the future leaders of the nation. A special assembly was conducted to educate them about corruption related activities and the ways to eliminate them. A mass pledge was taken to perform the duties honestly and ethically. Various activities like Poster Making, Essay Writing, Nukkad Natak , Slogan Writing etc were conducted to mark the celebration. Dr Vandna Shahi , the Head of the institute remarked that such type of awareness programmes enable the students to become the honest  and responsible citizens.

12 Oct,2019


A culture of integrity and ethics, leading to high moral standards, in an organization can never be undermined. Recognizing this as the need of the hour, a workshop on Upholding Ethics and Integrity for teachers was conducted. Ms. Anjan Kalia (Senior Coordinator) and Ms. Charanjit Kalra were the resource persons. Teachers enacted on different real life situations and understood the role of   integrity,   moral development, ethical decision making in both students’ and teachers life. Along with this, power point presentation was presented so that teachers can instill values and morals to make students better leaders of tomorrow.

12 Oct,2019


Creating a safe and caring classroom which promotes positive emotions in students, must always stay top priority. With such aim, a workshop on “Happy Classrooms” was organised for the teachers. Resource persons were Ms. Neena Sharma, Ms. Neeru Gandhi and Ms. Ruchika. They emphasised that motivating the students with various incentives, to maintain a conducive learning environment and not labelling a child can create wonders in teaching learning process. They also asked the teachers to introspect and adopt various creative techniques while dealing with students who create behaviour issues in the classroom. Teachers must conduct various fun filled activities like dancing, storytelling etc and try to develop healthy rapport between students and teachers in the classrooms. Overall, it was very interesting and all the aspects to create happiness within and around were discussed through activities.

29 Sep,2019


The climate meet was organized by Eco Sikh organisation under its ‘Breathing Punjab’ campaign to support Greta, who initiated a world-wide schoolchildren-led global moment for climate action .10 students( class XI) gathered for a peaceful demonstration at Aarti Chowk highlighting the crisis of rising air pollution. Students appealed to people to wake up to save the earth.

27 Sep,2019


A Capacity Building Programme on ‘Happy Classroom’ was organized by CBSE to provide teachers the best possible professional support for updating their pedagogical skills. Ms Sangeeta Sharma (Principal ,OM Parkash Bansal School, Mandi Gobindgarh) and Ms Inderjit Kaur Sandhu (Principal, Sant Ishwar Singh Public School, Mohali) addressed 120 teachers from different schools and focussed on the need of making the students involved & energised in teaching learning process. The workshop was really informative and enlightening as it taught the important concept of incorporating happiness and emotions in the class.

31 Aug,2019


A free diagnostic camp of eye checkup was organized for students, teachers and supporting staff. The objective of this event was to spread awareness on eye disorders, their early detection and to detect refractive errors and eye ailments among school children.

The camp was organized in collaboration with ASG Hospitals under guidance of Sanjay Kumar Dixit (Marketing Manager) and Ravdeep singh( Marketing Executive).The Principal and teachers thanked the team for organizing such a camp.

31 Aug,2019


“Ensuring safety may be hard, but we all know that it is better than any hazard."

Petroleum Conservation Research Association (PCRA) organised a workshop  for drivers. The Resource persons were Mr. Jatinder Singh, (AutoInstructor, ITI College) and Ms. Jyoti, (RCED Chandigarh). The main objective of the workshop was to provide information to the drivers by explaining PCRA simple tips and good maintenance practices in transport sector. The message of conservation of fuel was also propagated through videos on good driving habits. Emphasis was laid on the importance of harmonising speed management to prevent fatalities and serious injuries. PCRA'S printed literature was also distributed among the participants. The school Transport Incharge, Mr. Harwinder Singh, also appreciated their gesture and guided the drivers to follow safety norms and transport policies. The workshop was indeed useful for the drivers to become efficient drivers by developing good driving habits.

22 Aug,2019


Emphasizing the need to identify the ethical responsibilities and commitments in teaching profession, a two- day Capacity Building Program on ‘Uploading Ethics and Integrity’ was organised. 54 teachers from 14 different schools participated in it. The esteemed resource person Dr. Rakesh Sehgal (Retired Principal) and Ms. Rashmi Ahluwalia (Principal, Montessori Cambridge School, Pathankot) equipped the teaching faculty with various techniques to instill values in younger generation. The motive behind the workshop was to provide guidelines to the educators to facilitate the young learners imbibe core ethical values in their character. Through plethora of activities and role plays, it highlighted the pro - active role of teaching community in transforming the young minds.

06 Jun,2019


A workshop on 'Handling Adolescence Storm Period' was conducted by a trained   psychologist, Ms.Manmeet Kaur Grewal. The workshop aimed to facilitate awareness of knowledge among teachers with particular focus on adolescents’ needs and bridging the information gap. The main areas of discussion were dynamic, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, physical and social changes during adolescence period. The session was quite enriching and many queries were discussed and analyzed.

06 Jun,2019


Public speaking is said to be the biggest fear amongst adults. Most of the people feel nervous to speak in public. To overcome this stage phobia, a workshop was conducted for teachers. Resource person for the same was Ms. Kamlesh Gupta (Renowned Anchor). She gave tips to the teachers to reduce stage fright. She advised them to prepare material in advance and read aloud. She emphasized that speaker should keep himself calm and try to connect with the audience. The workshop proved to be fruitful and helped teachers in enhancing skills of public speaking.

11 May,2019


In order to meet the challenging needs of corporate world environment and provide a practical platform, the school held a session for Commerce students where an introduction to Business club was given. The students were guided by an expertise, Dr. Prem Kumar (Executive Director and Manager,BCM Foundation). He shared anecdotes from his personal experience to emphasize the fact that it is not just sufficient for a student of commerce to be sound theoretically but must also be exposed to the outer world in a dynamic way to face practical situation. He told the motto of the club being ‘Explore to Excel’ and motivated them to update their knowledge of current affairs and have a proactive approach in student life. The school principal, Dr.Vandna Shahi encouraged her students to join the club and promised to help in every way possible.