24 Jan,2022


The BCMites got a wonderful opportunity to interact with famous Indian cricketer Piyush Chawla through a power packed session conducted by ENTAB. He retold his success story, where he mentioned about great support from his school and teachers. He also mentioned about his tough routine, by following which he became a sportsperson. He guided students about the importance of studies. No doubt games are important but education should never be ignored. Also enlightened the students about the importance of games in one’ s life. He told that sport is not a career only but it should also be played to keep oneself disciplined, punctual, focused, fit and healthy.

The school student, Jaskaran Singh got an opportunity to pose a question on facing hardships in life, which was wonderfully answered by the cricketer.  He asked students to see opportunity which comes through hardships in our lives. The hardships and failures should be analyzed to act smartly in future.

13 Jan,2022

National Youth Day celebrations

The school celebrated 25th National Youth Day to pay tribute to the great spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda Ji on his 159th birth anniversary. The prime aim behind the celebrations was to promote world peace, self reliance and rational thinking among the students. The day was observed to honour the ideals and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda Ji who had been extremely vocal about the importance of youth in the process of nation building.A series of activities like , Poem Recitation Competition, Slogan Writing and Speech on Vivekananda’s Teachings, was organised on various themes related to the youth. The students displayed a variety of techniques and subjects to express their interpretation. They enjoyed the beauty of expression, feelings and thoughts and left everyone awe- struck as they presented their talent so immaculately and effortlessly.
The school Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, stated on the occasion that one should learn from the life and philosophies of Swami Ji and strive to achieve three P’s : Purity , Patience and Perseverance - the tenets of the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

30 Dec,2021


The school organised Life Skill Advocacy Program for the students of primary and middle wing. School Counselor, Ms Charanjit Kaur Kalra, conducted a series of innovative sessions along with visual presentation of models. Children were apprised of the significance of balanced diet, academics and recreational activities through a 2 model of balance. They were familiarised with the value of relationships and friendship in life. Students were also given tips to stay safe at home and school. These interactive sessions taught them about safe circle and danger escape strategy along with the correct usage of emergency contact numbers. They were able to learn and develop the life skills needed to lead a balanced life.

27 Dec,2021


A webinar 'Success Saga Through Lens' was conducted for the students of XI and XII (Arts and Comm) by school alumnus, Amolak Singh. It was attended by 55 students. Amolak Singh currently studying in Canada is also pursuing his hobby of photography as a career in Surrey, Canada. He is a successful professional videographer and owner of Remarkable Creations. He interacted with the students. Besides sharing his success journey, the spokesperson inspired the youngsters to be passionate and resolute for their ambition. He acquainted the audience with various online modes of video editing and other applications related to photography. It was really an interesting and interactive session. Students appreciated his song albums a lot and requested for more such sessions.

10 Dec,2021

SARTHIS stage a Cultural Show on Human Rights Day

The school witnessed a unique kind of celebration to mark the Human  Rights Day. A cultural show ‘Ojas… the bountiful energy’ was put up by and for the members of the supporting staff. The theme of this year celebration, ‘ Equality, reducing inequalities and advancing’ gave a spark to the idea of the holistic involvement, growth and happiness of support staff. It also enabled them to showcase their emotions and talents confidently. The event commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony by the guest of honour, a renowned anchor Ms. Kamlesh Gupta which was followed by a prayer recitation. In her welcome address, the  school principal Dr Vandna Shahi commented that human rights development is important especially after Covid which deepened the gaps of inequality. She was extremely proud of the establishment of SARTHIS- Systematic Approach and Robust Training for Harmonious Involvement of Support Staff Program,that aims at enhancing their skills capabilities and knowledge. The modelling and dance performances left the audience spellbound. The gratitude speech aroused emotions of one and all. The special performance by the staff of KG wing proved to be an icing on the cake. They were obliged at the recognition they got by the school authorities. The event clinched with a vote of thanks by Mr. Yadav, the school supervisor, who was grateful for the love and respect the support staff got at the campus. All hoped that by incorporating human rights as a way of life a fundamental change can be brought about which would help all in realisation of vision that we have for our country.

25 Nov,2021


The school hosted a hybrid event ‘Je Découvre with Syed Sultan Ahmed’ under the aegis of BCM Leadership Forum. The resource person for the event Syed Sultan (MD and Chief Learner @ LXL Ideas,Bangalore) empowered the faculty and students with his expertise. The School Silverscreen Star- Saksham Sharma and Budding Astronomer & ISO Achiever, Amritjyot Singh accorded him a warm reception.

He was immensely pleased to witness new ventures of the school. In his conversation with the members of Teen Entrepreneur Club, he applauded them for recognizing their latent talent and being self-reliant. The club members offered him self-made delicacies and presented handmade masks. He also inaugurated ‘Knowledge Hub’, the subject specified galleries that have been set up to supplement knowledge of Gen X.

The interactive session commenced with lamp lighting ceremony and was attended by Dr.Prem Kumar(Executive Director, BCM Foundation), the Principals, staff and students of sister concerns. Mr. Sultan in his addressal, affirmed that schools need to shift focus from marks based academic curriculum to life based overall development. He fortified the youngsters to embrace every new opportunity that comes their way and create their own success stories. He accentuated that lifelong  learning is an indispensable tool to keep pace with this competitive world. The talk clinched with a doubt clearing session wherein queries of the attendees were resolved. The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, was grateful to the guest for enlightening the students. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Savleen Kaur, Student secretary of BCM Leadership Forum.

19 Nov,2021

Activity Traffic Rules

The Primary Wing students performed the activity related to traffic signs. The students prepared the banners of the traffic signals and displayed them on the path constructed by their teachers. The students made other students and the staff aware about the importance of Road safety. They emphasized on being a responsible citizen, one should be aware of each and every road safety rules. By obeying safety rules and regulations, one can save him or herself and others on the road. Every student elaborated about different traffic signals. The school Principal Dr. Vandana Shahi appreciated the efforts done by the students and said Safety Education begins right from your school. Today, Student Road Safety is given more priority than earlier. Students are the future of a country and hence as a citizen, it is our responsibility to protect them.

19 Nov,2021

Students of TEEN ENTREPRENURES' CLUB Trying their Hands on different Skills

To nurture in students the entrepreneurial spirit by seizing and experiencing first hand exciting opportunities in the business world, Teen Entreprenures' Club has been set up for the students.  Through this club, students have been given an opportunity to be self-reliant. It motivates the future generation to explore their skills & follow their passion. Services like baking, cloth painting, giftwrapping, nail art etc are being offered by students at nominal price.

16 Nov,2021

Children's Day Celebration

The students and teachers celebrated the Children’s day with great zeal and fervor. The class teachers  delivered speech on importance of  Children's Day. Students also entertained others with the humorous skit. Teachers made Children’s Day special for their children by involving them into various games, singing, dancing and activities like badge making and blessing box where they pen down blessings for their friends.

The students were overwhelmed and enjoyed the day. School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi addressed all the children and wished them best of luck for their future.

12 Nov,2021


World Science Day for Peace and Development is celebrated on 10th November every year to highlight the important role of science in society. To celebrate the same, the school conducted various activities for the students. Teachers acquainted the children about the importance and relevance of science in daily lives. Intra Class Quiz Competition was conducted for the students of classes IV  to VII. The celebration proved to be the best way to ignite students' interest in science and technology and appreciate the contribution of many scientists to India's growing technology. School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi applauded the efforts put in by the teachers and students.

01 Nov,2021

Tete-e-Tete With Corporate World

Students of XII FMM visited a broker house and had detailed discussion with CA Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Director Capital Market. They got to know about the factors affecting share market. His rich experience enlightened the students about the depth of market and art of differentiation between speculation and investing. Students also got the firsthand experience of live trading of NSE terminal and features of NEAT screen were discussed with the students in detail.

29 Oct,2021

Joining Hands with Community

School always aims to support students for their development as responsible citizens and future leaders through meaningful service activities as a part of  Community Outreach Programme. Keeping the same in mind, Bcmits performed a Nukkad Natak at Kipps Market and Silver Arc Mall, urging people to celebrate Green Diwali and share happiness with the ones who are less privileged. They also sensitised them about the hazardous effects of burning crackers and requested everyone to make sincere efforts for a clean and pollution free environment. All the citizens were exhorted to follow the COVID  norms during this festive season.
School Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi, appreciated students’ endeavours and stated that engaging students in such community projects would definitely foster ,the feeling of compassion and responsibility towards society , among the students.

25 Oct,2021

Shaping Global Citizens

The school celebrated United Nations Day to acknowledge and enjoy the richness of cultural diversity , closing the gap of inequality to achieve social justice and foster peace among the nations. The students participated in plethora of activities like Poster making, Speech on the importance of the day, with great exuberance and vivaciousness. The event also offered multifarious parleys on issues related to maintaining peace , promoting human rights and devising strategies to aid armed conflicts.They also took pledge to uphold the ethical values with a spirit of harmony. The ebullient faces  were zealous to fill their tabula rasa with resolutions of profound and compelling agendas. The teacher fraternity fortified the students to play their role to bring in social reform and create a happy and safe place for all to live in .
The school Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, addressed the students and spurred them to deploy themselves into the international avenues of engaging reflections.

23 Oct,2021

Dengue Control and Prevention

The school organised a virtual session on Dengue Control and Prevention for the school staff, parents and students with the aim of combating deadly disease dengue. Dr.Vineet Arora acquainted the students  teachers and parents about the symptoms, preventive and remedial measures of Dengue. 
They were advised to keep their surroundings neat and clean, to manage wastes effectively and to prevent stagnation of water in or near houses. School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi thanked Dr. Vineet Arora for the knowledgeable session and encouraged everyone to follow his tips to maintain cleanliness to keep dengue at bay.

23 Oct,2021

'Mehandi Magic' by Teen Entrepreneurs' Club

The  school takes immense pride in the  Students of Teen Entrepreneurs' Club who polished their skills and talents by putting up their  mehndi stalls in the school premises. They showed their art through different  designs like tattoo, cream and mirchi mehandi. Teachers adorned the mehndi designs on their hands which were put up by the creative students.This activity not only helped students to earn but also helped them to develop  various skills such as  people handling skills, communication skills, marketing skills,  presentation skills , imagination and resource management skills.

04 Oct,2021

Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi

The  School celebrated the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi with full enthusiasm and patriotism. Various activities were organised to pay tribute to the 'Father of Nation.' Students of classes IV and V made eco-friendly paper bags. Thoughts of great leader were expressed in a slogan-writing competition.  Poster-making contest was also held for the students of classes  VI and VII. All students were imbued with Gandhian values and thoughts. They vowed to become responsible citizens of India. It was an interesting, fun loving and creative way of paying homage to the legendary character and the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

14 Sep,2021

Hindi Diwas

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14 September of every year. This year the school celebrated it  in virtual mode. The Main attraction of the celebration was the Akshar Gyaan Competition, in which BCMites recited poems, spoke quotations and even narrated stories starting with different varnas of Hindi language and they were acquainted with the importance of Hindi language by their teachers during the CT Period. The main aim to celebrate this day is to pay tribute to the mother language of India. It is celebrated to inculcate love for the Hindi Language and get knowledge on importance of the Hindi Diwas. On this special day the school Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi said ‘Hindi’ is a language of love, togetherness and brotherhood. HINDI DIWAS should be celebrated with great pride and vigour.

28 Aug,2021


The students of Grade V exhibited their talent and confidence in virtual Interhouse Hindi Recitation Competition based on Lord Krishna’s life and teachings on the occasion of Shri Krishan Janamashtami. The enthusiastic poets verbalised their phonemic awareness, imagination and creative potential in an exquisite manner. The talented poets mesmerised the audience with their articulation and vivid evocation while reciting the poems. Jaismeen Tiwari of Shalimar House bagged 1st  position followed by Ananya of Gulmohar House whereas Lavanya Kakkar of Pukhraj House got 3rd rank.

09 Aug,2021


Gaiety and zest marked the Teej celebrations in the school premises. The traditional colourful costumes of the students and faculty enhanced the charm and mood of the celebrations. The young girls shared their videos of dancing on the Punjabi music,reciting boliyan  and performed Giddha. The boys were no less. They sang Punjabi songs during the finale round on the virtual platform which was a treat to the ears. Some also shared the pictures enjoying the dessert platter with Kheer and malpuas. The participants in Punjabi attire with henna on their hands, very confidently answered the questions of the judges.  The school principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi applauded the winners with a message to carry forward the legacy of Indian culture and customs.

10 Jul,2021


Since 1950, Van Mahotsava is celebrated every year during the first week of July. During this prevailing pandemic, Van Mahotsava not only becomes the celebration of Mother Nature but also an observance to avoid the loss of human lives. The students of the primary wing gave this message to the community by planting trees in their locality and nearby places. They gave their contribution towards prevention of global warming and celebrated this festival with great zeal.

07 Jun,2021

Virtual Summer Camp Kidsfest

The Virtual Summer Camp 'Kidsfest' was a beautiful combination of learning with fun. It was an enriching and augmented session for the students as it helped them to explore new ideas and cultivate new interest. The summer camp was unique in its way as it was conducted on virtual mode and included newer set of activities like Banjo, Writex, Runtastic, Mindscape and Power fit kids. These gamut of activities gave opportunity to students to  show their talents and explore new horizons. Overall, the summer camp of this year gave wings to creativity and fulfil the inquisitiveness of the eager minds. School Principal appreciated the endeavour of the teachers as well as students and affirmed that such type of camps help children develop important social, emotional and cognitive skills.

24 May,2021


“In the courtyard of the foundation you laid,

your melody and fragrance lingers on..”

The whole Bcm family paid soulful homage to the true Karam -Yogi, a man of vision, a profound industrialist and a philanthropist - Mahatma Satyanand Ji Munjal on his 104th birth anniversary. The apostle of Naam- Deeksha was reverently and endearingly remembered by reciting Gayatri Mantra and Ten Golden Rules of Arya Samaj. The commemorative celebrations included a myriad of activities. Students recited inspirational couplets promoting the importance of education and knowledge in one’s life. Slogan writings depicting his life mantra – Simple Living, High Thinking, were aptly presented by the young BCMites. Teachers and the students took the pledge to imbibe ten golden rules of the Arya Samaj and propagate its teachings. A documentary on the life of Hero Cycles’ Patriarch was also showcased. Afterwards, everyone bowed down with gratitude before the man who spent his whole life for the welfare of others and created an exemplary history.

The School Principal paid deep obeisance to the great persona by saying that Mahatma Satyanand Ji Munjal was an institution in himself who had been instrumental in inculcating the values like integrity, honesty and humility. She further stated that his legacy will continue to inspire all and adjured the whole BCM fraternity and the students to lead a virtuous life, walking on the path of righteousness, by following his footsteps and eventually making a difference in the society.

15 May,2021

Mother's Day Celebration

God could not be everywhere, and  therefore he made mothers.

To commemorate the day of the epitome of selfless love, sacrifice and care, Mother’s Day was celebrated by the students with much zeal and vigour. Students participated in plethora of activities  to show the respect and love for their mothers. Students of middle wing made beautiful Photo Frames and Crowns. They penned down their feelings for mothers in a poetic way. They also cooked favorite dishes for their mothers. The students of the senior secondary wing exhibited their creativity by writing short notes for their beloved mothers, depicted their emotions via beautiful posters. The school Principal inspired the students to inculcate virtuous deeds and ethical values that make the parents happy and contented.

30 Apr,2021

HOL Teacher’s Training Session

As an initiative for the execution and implementation of NEP 2020, our school has been assigned the responsibility of the prime collaborator school. A virtual HOL training session was organized where around 60 educators from six different schools of the region participated. The school Principal cum District Training Coordinator, appreciated CBSE’s initiative of forming Hubs of Learning (HOL), clubbing 5-6 city schools and enable them to explore the possibilities of growth by sharing best practices.

The session was conducted into two parts. The joint session on ‘Annual Pedagogical Plan’ was hosted by Ms. Nidhi Sharma, HOD Social Science and Ms. Neena Tiwari, HOD Science. Competency Based Learning and essential components of a lesson plan i.e learning outcomes, methodology, art integration, experiential learning etc. were discussed. In the second session, participants joined different rooms as per their subject to discuss the lesson plan of specific topics and their parameters. Participant teachers from HOL member schools brought about very informative points which were highly appreciated by one and all. Overall, it was an enlightening session where teachers learnt from each other’s experience.


26 Apr,2021


"The goal of education is understanding; the goal of training is performance.”

School organised 'Vocational Skill Craft Week' for the students of Teen Entrepreneurs’ Club. It was a six day program in which the students learnt mask making, growing microgreens, calligraphy, digital communication and culinary skills and make up. All the sessions were conducted virtually. Students were also guided about the basic requirements of startup and how to use social media for marketing a product. School Principal emphasized that these programs can make a real difference in building self confidence and leadership skills among students. She also acclaimed that this platform proved to be a unique effort as parents,institute heads,school alumni all together  joined hands to train children on various skills, enabling them to utilise their unique talent.

07 Apr,2021

Corona Awareness Week

BCMites celebrated ‘Corona Awareness  Week’ with the theme 'FACE,HAND,SPACE,LET'S CURB THE PACE'. This awareness week was basically organised to help stop the spread of corona virus. Students were apprised about the safety guidelines on Covid - 19 and  healthy dietary habits  through comic book, quizzes and interactive sessions.  Students enthusiastically participated in the quiz based on Corona Awareness. Session on 'Emotional Well Being' was also taken by the School Counselor and tips on the same were given to the students. The school Principal appreciated the efforts of teachers and motivated the students to follow the guidelines.

06 Apr,2021

Session on Digital Literacy

School hosted an interactive live session on “ Digital Literacy” with the aim to have a thorough understanding of various educational apps, internet, its usage and privacy issues concerned with it. The session was conducted by Ms. Archana Malhotra, HOD Computer Department for the students and parents of classes II - IX. She stated that IT and Internet has become more ubiquitous during this COVID-19 Pandemic, so developing digital literacy skills is the need of the hour. She apprised them with the working of various apps that will facilitate them in their studies. A presentation was screened providing an overview of some of the online platforms and resources that can help students in learning process. She encouraged the students that they should nurture a positive attitude towards digital technology and  advised the parents to be well- equipped to guide their children. Further,  a presentation was screened providing them first hand experience on digital literacy. Overall the webinar proved to be highly engaging, effective and enlightening for all .