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Dear Parents

Concern over this new virus can make children anxious. Please remember, children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events. So let’s not pass our worries but teach children positive preventive measures and give them a sense of some control over their risk of infection. Please follow few of the guidelines.

        Remain Calm 

  1. Children will follow your verbal and nonverbal reactions. If parents seem overly worried, children’s anxiety may rise. So stay calm even in stressful situation.
  2. Children may need extra attention from you and may want to talk about their concerns, fears, and questions. Listen to them and give age appropriate information.
  3. Tell them you love them and give them plenty of affection. 

       Avoid Excessive Blaming

When tensions are high, sometimes we try to blame   someone, it is important to avoid stereotyping any one group of people as responsible for the virus.


       Monitor Television Viewing and Social Media

  1. Limit television viewing or access to information on the Internet and through social media. Try to avoid watching or listening to information that might be upsetting when your children are present.
  2. Speak to your child about how many stories about COVID-19 on the Internet may be based on rumors and inaccurate information.
  3. Talk to your child about factual information of this disease. This can help reduce anxiety.
  4. Engage your child in games or other interesting activities instead.

      Maintain a normal routine to the extent possible

  1. Keep to a regular schedule, as this can be reassuring and promotes physical health.
  2. Encourage your children to keep up with their schoolwork and other activities while staying inside.

      Review and model basic hygiene and healthy lifestyle practices for protection

  1. Encourage your child to practice every day good hygiene. Simple steps to prevent spread of illness:-
  1. Wash hands multiple times a day for at least 20 seconds. (Singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star slowly takes about 20 seconds).
  2. Cover their mouths with a tissue when they sneeze or cough and throw away the tissue immediately, or sneeze or cough into the bend of their elbow. 
  3. Do not share food or drinks.
  4. Practice giving fist or elbow bumps instead of handshakes. 
  5. Fewer germs spread this way.
  1. Giving children guidance on what they can do to prevent infection gives them a greater sense of control over disease spread and will help to reduce their anxiety.
  2. Encourage your child to eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly; this will help them develop a strong immune system to fight off illness.

Stay healthy, Stay safe.




Dear Parents

kindly watch the short movies related to life skills along with your ward. Give your children a chance to smile and realize their dreams during the lockdown.

IKFF recommends one film every day that you can watch with your family on

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Follow the instructions given below for the movie...

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3. Click on Access the Films now.

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