Ms. Varinder Kaur and Ms. Harleen attended LSSC Capacity Building Programme at Spring Dale  Senior Secondary Public School. The resource person was Ms. Gurpreet Kaur ,counselor of Springs  Dale Senior Secondary School.  In this session, she discussed the importance of individual growth and connection of individual growth with professional growth.  She also guided the way to develop healthy habits and their contribution towards healthy life. Through various activities,  she told about ABCDE rule for time management.



Ms. Charanjeet Kalra, Ms. Anjan Kalia and Ms. Sukhnandan kaur attended a Workshop on ‘Addressing Adolescent Sexual Health Issues with School Counsellors’ on 18-19 September 2023 at NIPCCD, New Delhi. The workshop sessions encompassed a wide range of topics, including:

Adolescent Development, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) and Understanding Adolescents etc. An overview of physical, emotional and cognitive development during adolescence was provided to emphasize the importance of age-appropriate sexual health education. The workshop facilitated networking and collaboration among professionals from diverse fields, fostering a holistic approach to adolescent sexual health.



The school held a challenging and in-depth workshop for HOL and staff of primary wing on ‘Financial Literacy and the Use of Digital Tools’ to support the CBSE initiative to educate teachers on the topic.  Financial literacy and ‘How money works in this world’ was discussed by the resource persons C.A. Luv Luthra and Mr. Honey Kakkar (Deputy Manager, Kotak Mahindra Bank). He concentrated on financial planning and how to prevent becoming a victim of phishing and other online scams.


Session on Multiple Intelligence

A training session on Multiple Intelligence was organized by the school counselor, Ms. Charanjeet Kalra to polish the skills of the faculty. She imparted valuable information regarding eight sets of abilities that manifest multiple intelligences like Linguistic, Logical, Spatial, Bodily-kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic, and Existential Intelligence, etc. The teachers were involved in various activities.
The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi acclaimed that such sessions are quite indispensable to expand the horizon of available teaching and learning tools beyond the conventional linguistic and logical methods.



A session on 'ART INTEGRATION ' was organized for the whole faculty . The resource person was the school Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi. The session commenced with a video on 'KAIZEN' She explained the term Kaizen and motivated the teachers to take small steps to improve the quality of education. The session proceeded with the explanation of terms like-No Silos, Multidisciplinary Learning, Art Integrated Learning etc. She also acquainted the staff with 'Arts as Curriculum, Arts Integrated Curriculum and Arts Enhanced Curriculum'
The session ended with an activity wherein the groups of teachers were supposed to design one lesson plan incorporating Art Integration. The session propelled the nation builders to move an extra mile.


Exploring HOTS and Designing Question Papers in Context with NEP 2020

Session on ‘Exploring HOTS and Designing Question Papers in Context with NEP 2020’ under the training program ‘Passionate Chasers’ was organised for the whole faculty. The resource person, Mr. Ajay Khosla, Teacher Educator, DAV College of Education Abohar, esteemed resource person of CBSE, COE Chandigarh, Patna, Panchkula and Noida shared a few tips and techniques to design the question papers and explore HOTS. His practical tips touched the heartstrings of the audience and motivated the teachers to empower themselves with the skill of framing good question papers.
The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi encouraged her staff members to embrace the tips and techniques shared by Mr. Khosla to improve the quality of evaluation and assessment of students.


Session on School Health and Wellness Program

Briefing session by Sci HOD Ms. Neena Tiwari on School Health and Wellness Program a joint initiative of Ministry of Human Resource and development and Ministry of Health and family welfare was held in the school auditorium.
Purpose,need and Steps for implementation of this program was shared with all the teachers.Resource material developed ny NCERT and UNESCO was also shared and explained to the educators.  
Discussed the Case Studies and Activities given in the 11 Modules  and solutions of some of the problems were given to the colleagues.


Way Forward To Create Comprehensive Classroom

"The first step to move towards achieving your goals is to have a comprehensive understanding of your life purpose".
In order to learn the same the school organised a session on "Way Forward To Create Comprehensive Classroom" under five days learning series of Extra Miles----- Innovative Teaching Strategies. 
The team of school counselors led by Ms. Charanjit Kalra shared an extensive information about the essence and requirements of a comprehensive classroom. They emphasized on the requisite of Inclusive Classrooms where all categories of learners are equally welcome. Various kinds of Learning Disabilities were described with real life examples.
The school Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi motivated the staff members to embrace inclusiveness in education not only for the welfare of the students but also to  equip the teachers to solve frequent classroom concerns with the  necessary technical knowledge and key to quick fix the  same. All in all it was a  valuable experience for each and every one.


Embracing Multilingualism in Classrooms'

A session on  'Embracing Multilingualism in Classrooms' under five days teachers' training program  ‘Extra mile….Innovative  Teaching  Strategies’ was conducted to acquaint the teachers with the  need of multilingualism while teaching.  The resource person, Ms. Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon, Founder Principal of Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara, globally validated master in 21st century core skills by the British Council, acquainted the teachers  with the importance of multilingualism in classrooms.
The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi motivated her staff to embrace multilingualism in classrooms as it will lead to a better understanding of other cultures and a higher-quality learning process.


Training program on ‘All Functions of Google Sheets’

‘We need technology in every classroom and in every student and teacher’s hand because it is the pen and paper of today’s time’.
The third day of ‘Extra mile….Innovative  Teaching  Strategies’ program had Ms. Archana Malhotra, Head of IT Department as the resource person. It was designed for the teachers on the topic ‘ALL FUNCTIONS OF GOOGLE SHEETS’.

Ms. Archana Malhotra, Head of IT Department , Certified Google Educator and CBSE nominated Mentor for Cyber Security  in Schools. The seminar was aimed to give a comprehensive view of ‘Google Sheets’ to uncover how powerful this app was. It was a very informative seminar as Ms Archana enlightened the teachers with  products of Google Sheets such as Google groups, Format painter, Conditional Formatting, Referencing and numerous formulas for analysing results. The session saw an overwhelming response from the teachers.

The school principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi concluded the session with a wonderful quote ‘Technology will never replace teachers, but in the hands of great  teachers, it’s transformational’


Training program on classroom strategies for slow learner's

“Regular developments in the field of education have made training as mandatory for the teachers as it is for the students”.  
This training program had Ms. Manisha Gangwar a CBSE HELPLINE TELE COUNSELLOR as the resource person. It was designed for the teachers of kindergarten and primary classes on the topic CLASSROOM STRATEGIES FOR SLOW/GAP LEARNERS.

Ms. Manisha Gangwar, a doctorate in Developmental Psychology and having more than 21 years of school educational experience in various capacities introduced many innovative ways of teaching to gap learners. The most appreciated of them was “ENCOURAGE REMEDIAL LEARNING” being one of the most effective strategies for slow/ gap learners. She said that teachers should start remedial classes for slow/gap learners to learn in an effective way. The more a child interacts with others of his/her age, the more confident he/she will feel.
 The school principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi concluded the session guiding the teachers to be life long learners to keep themselves abreast with the current pedagogical challenges.



Shri Sunil Kant Munjal, revered Chairman of Hero group, addressed the whole BCM fraternity. In the beginning of the session, Dr. Prem Kumar (Executive Director) acquainted Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal with the ongoing school programs and activities. Chairman Sir commenced the session with words of appreciation for all the teachers across the globe. He perceived that teaching profession deserves more respect, recognition and acceptance. He intimated about the 3 I- Principle of BML University i.e Innovate, Inquire, Impact. He also emphasized on maximum involvement of Alumnus in school programs. He advised the teachers to be a lifelong learner and cultivate values in students and create global citizens. He guided the teachers to replace traditional methods of teaching with innovative pedagogies to encourage intelligent conversations and discussions. He advocated NEP and urged to imbibe proactive approach to implement NEP. He encouraged the teachers to adapt technology in daily life as a tool. He also advised to take all the stake holders as partners in the mainstream of education and develop all the skills of the students to make them creative and innovative.


Sensitization Programme on Financial Literacy and Use of Digital Tools

 A rigorous and knowledgeable session for the teachers on “Financial Literacy and the Use of Digital Tools” in accordance with the CBSE initiative to sensitise teachers on the same was conducted . BCM fraternity and HOL Members attended the session with the  prime objective to equip themselves with  the world of finance in a concrete manner. The resource person Ms Yashmita Luthra threw  light on financial literacy, i.e. a basic understanding of 'How money works in this world'.
A practical underpinning to  basics of personal finance management and  necessary skills to talk to financial intermediaries were also emphasised. She focused on financial planning and how to avoid falling prey to phishing and cyber frauds, etc. The session witnessed an enthusiastic participation and all the queries were answered by the resource person. 
The school Principal Dr Vandna Shahi acknowledged the information provided during the session and acclaimed that it is the need of the hour to be  financially literate as  it would help us   to invest and manage our  personal assets for smooth conduct of life.



An enlightening three-day training session was organized by Reliance (Jio) for the faculty members of Math, Science, and Social-Studies with the goal of educating students and teachers about a new learning software called EMBIBE.

The team experts discussed the functionality, key features, and application of the software in various contexts of lesson planning for the relevant subjects.


Workshop on Experiential Learning

"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, You will never cease to grow".

To follow the same the school has organised a session for teachers on topic Experiential Learning. The eminent resource person was Ms. Monica Chawla , Principal (St Joseph Public School, Chandigarh). The session was based upon the theme 'Connection Before Correction'. A  number of innovative teaching methodologies were suggested to strengthen the bond between the students and the teachers. Multiple creative ideas  like 3Cs  formula of teaching,Maslow and Bloom's hierarchy, Collaborative and Cooperative skills  were shared by the resource person. The session was aimed at offering the practical solutions for the day to day problems faced by the teachers as well as students in the classrooms . It was an interactive and  enlightening session.The session was concluded with an open discussion where various queries of the teachers were satisfied by the resource person. It was really a remarkable learning experience.


Post Covid Behaviour Issues Amongst Children & Interventions

The school faculty attended a session on “Post Covid Behaviour Issues Amongst Children & Interventions”. The resource persons were  Dr. Priyanka Kalra and Dr. Ritu Mehta.
The aim of this session was to make the teachers aware of Post Covid behaviour changes in children and how to tackle  them. The session empowered the teachers with a tool that will enable them to help the youngsters manage their stress,fear and anxiety. They emphasised on the need  of establishing an orderly environment in the classroom and also facilitating social and emotional growth of students.  Question Answers round was conducted to make the session more interactive and knowledgeable. She urged the teachers to join hands together to make a happy, better and sustainable world for everyone to live in. 


Practical Ways to Build Entrepreneurial Mindset

In the series of Extra Miles -----Innovative Teaching Strategies , A workshop on 'Practical Ways to Build Entrepreneurial Mindset' was conducted virtualy. This virtual session was addressed by professor Davinder Singh CEO ACIC- BMU Foundation,In-charge of Incubation and Associate Professor. This session was aimed to enlighten the BCM faculty to enhance and update their entrepreneurial skills.These skills are vital for promoting innovation, competitiveness and to build a positive and confident mindset. Professor Davinder  Singh emphasized the importance of experimentation for students as well as teachers as it helps everyone to express their talents and creativity. It was aimed  to give equal importance to success as well as failure in the process of learning . Mr. Kunwar Parmar one of the panelists also explained Experimentation Cycle based upon observation, confirmation and conclusion. Queries of the teachers were satisfied by the eminent panelists. All in all  it was an  innovative , interactive and  immensely knowledgeable session.


Faculty Development Program on 'Women Health & Concerns'

The school faculty attended a session on “Women Health & Concerns” by Dr. Mandeep Kaur Chahal, Gynaecologist @ Mandeep Nursing Home, Pakhowal Road, Ludhiana.
The aim of this session was to empower teachers to take care of their health to ensure a healthy family, healthy community and healthy nation. The resource person shed  light on important preventive  health care steps to be followed in order to have early detection of health issues . Women being the cornerstone of a family’s overall health, must ensure to have quality care for themselves as well. She added that a number of illnesses that affect women can actually be prevented with proper woman’s care as a priority. She urged the teachers to join hands together to make a happy, better life with the motive “Let us together make it happen: Improve women’s health”. Overall it was a fruitful and insightful session which undoubtedly enlightened the female  teachers to lead a happy and healthier life.


Session on Curriculum Mapping with SDGs

The school faculty  attended a session on “Curriculum Mapping with SDGs” by Mrs Paramjeet Kaur Dhillon, Principal Kamla Nehru Public School, Phagwara.The aim of this session was to make the teachers aware of sustainable living and their role to equip the children with skills to make them responsive towards the conservation  and judicial use of resources  leaving no one behind.The resource person highlighted the objectives and mandate of the schools for organizing such sessions to enhance the capacity of stakeholders.The resource person shed  light on how sustainable development goals are important for social,  environmental and economic growth. She referred SDG 4 as the mother goal to achieve all the goals.
Drawing special attention towards the aim to provide  knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary for sustainable development challenges, she emphasised on the need to map the school curriculum and a system aligned with the goals of 21st century education. A wonderful video was screened for better understanding of the targets of these goals .  She urged the teachers to join hands together to make a happy, better and sustainable world for everyone to live in. Overall it was a fruitful and insightful session which  undoubtedly prepared the teachers for the journey ahead.


Active Listening as a key Skill

Listening is one of the most important skills one can have.  To enhance the same  workshop - Active Listening as Key Skill was organised. The resource person, Ms. Charanjeet Kalra emphasized how a better listener  can improve the productivity as well as ability to influence, persuade and negotiate. She explained the  fundamental importance of listening for teachers as well as students. The session was quite  informative and well organised. The school Principal  also shared her pearls of wisdom and motivated the audience to work on listening as well as the other skills of language.


Session on Theatre and Drama in Education

Drama and theatre play an important role in the educational process because they encourage students' creativity, smart learning, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. A webinar on "Drama and Theatre in Education" was organised to provide light on the subject. The School Counselor, Ms. Charanjeet Kalra, educated the teachers on the benefits of theatre and theatre in education. She emphasised the good impact of theatre education on students' growth in a variety of areas, including language and communication, social skills, teamwork, and problem solving, among others. She emphasised more on acting expressions, voice modulation, and other aspects of the performance. She encouraged the teachers to tell related anecdotes to pique interest of the students and keep them focused on the subject.


Psychological Interventions for Countering Challenges and Managing Anxiety in Post-Covid Schooling

The Covid- 19 pandemic has disturbed the global school system, wreaking havoc on the most vulnerable students. A unique virtual webinar on "Psychological Interventions for Countering Challenges and Managing Anxiety in Post-Covid Schooling" was held to mobilise and support learning continuity. Dr. Ajay Khosla, Professor of DAV College Abohar, presided over the session, which aimed to empower the school's instructors. He noted a clear understanding of the teacher's duty and responsibility, as well as the school's ultimate purpose of facilitating each child's optimal growth. He covered key features of anxiety and concern, as well as ways for identifying students who may be struggling with it. He underlined the need of teachers being aware of changes in the behaviour of the students and serving as positive role models for their students. He also shared helpful hints for teachers on how to deal with stress and deal with obstacles in today's competitive society.


Session on 21st Century Skills

Emphasizing the need to inculcate the 21st century skills among the students, a webinar on “21st Century Skills” was organized by the school. The School Principal, enlightened the teachers with terminology of these skills. She drew special attention towards critical thinking and creativity, problem solving, metacognition, collaboration, communication and global citizenship. She inspired the teachers to incorporate 21st century skills in their lesson plans. The session was concluded after taking queries of the participants and guiding them with innovative ways. It left the teachers fully charged up and excited to integrate all the skills in their classes. It was really an informative and empowering session for all the teachers.



Shri. Sunil Kant Munjal, revered Chairman of Hero Group, addressed the BCM fraternity. This distinguished session was moderated by Dr. Prem Kumar. He lauded the educational profession as well as all Frontline workers for surviving and grooming during the Covid pandemic. He referred to this time period as a ‘great learning opportunity’ and advised one and all to follow the guidelines and protect themselves  against the Omicron virus. He encouraged each member to extend their horizons in order to groom themself, as well as to reflect, meditate, and build capacity within themselves. He articulated his idea for a new BCM, pioneering appropriate counselling and support for students with learning disabilities. He advocated NEP 2020 and underlined the importance of enhancing the educational system through experiential learning, making classes activitybased, interactive, and engaging students. 



With the aim to stimulate school learning environment with innovative teaching pedagogy, the School Principal took sessions with the school faculty on ‘Annual Pedagogical Plan’. All the descriptors of APP were elaborated by her. She gave a clear perspective of teachers’ role and responsibility towards building a culture of inclusion and taking initiatives for professional development. Accentuating the need to create a culture of innovation, she urged to prepare the students for the ever-evolving competitive world. The sessions ended with a round of in – depth discussion of SMART goals and doubt clearing which actually helped the staff to comprehend Annual Pedagogical Plan.


National School workshop on Education and Spirituality

Ms. Charanjit Kalra (School Counselor) and Ms. Sukhnandan Kaur (Primary Wing Coordinator) attended a 3-day National School workshop on ‘Education and Spirituality' in Himalayas at Shoolini University, Solan, Himachal Pradesh.

Technical sessions on varied topics, delivered by Dr. Prem Kumar Khosla (Chancellor), Dr Atul Khosla (Vice Chancellor) and other faculty members, were attended by them. These sessions gave them an insight into the changing trends in higher education and unleashing students’ potential through coaching and counseling. Both of them participated in recreational activities like trekking, yoga and meditation sessions with other attendees and university faculty members. These power packed sessions with university professionals provided them a platform for collaboration, group discussions, opinion making and developing great understanding.



The school Principal along with 5 faculty members, Ms. Renu Grover, Ms. Neena Tiwari, Ms. Nidhi Sharma, Ms. Charanjeet Kalra and Ms. Simmi Dhiman attended a webinar on ‘Innovation and Tinkering in Schools’ held at BCM School Chd. Road. The Resource person, Dr. S.K. Rai (Vice Chairman, Hero Group), highlighted the role of teachers in cultivating curiosity in classrooms and creating opportunities to explore and experiment. He motivated the teachers to open up to innovative learning and searching for something new to know.



Teachers' Training Boot Camp was organized on Sep 13-14,2021. The first session 'The Goal Without Planning is just a Wish ' was conducted by Dr Vandna Shahi for the teachers teaching classes VI-XII. She enlightened them with various innovative pedagogical techniques and guided them to make activities an integral part of the curriculum. Teachers were motivated to keep themselves abreast with the upcoming careers in different sectors so as to guide the students. Story Telling as a pedagogy was emphasized to enable the students enjoy their learning. She concluded her session by advising the teachers to have smart goals in their mind as well the rubrics to achieve them. It was followed by a session 'Innovation- Step by Step' for the teachers of KG Wing and Primary Wing of the school. This session was conducted by the group of Innovation Ambassadors of the school i.e Ms Charanjit Kalra, Ms Neena Tiwari, Ms Simmi Dhiman, Ms Renu Grover and Ms Nidhi Sharma. It mainly focussed on the concept of Design Thinking and its relevance in education.   The group members explained the five stages of the concept i.e Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test to enable the teachers comprehend the concept well. On the whole the sessions were quite interactive and informative for the faculty members.


Virtual Session on Brain Gyming

Teacher fraternity of the School underwent a power packed virtual session on “Brain Gyming” by Dr. Jasdeep Kaur, Assistant Professor, BCM College of Education, Ludhiana. The session commenced with a hearty welcome by the School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi. She highlighted the objectives and mandate of the schools for organizing such sessions to enhance the capacity of stakeholders during these unprecedented times. The resource person shed a light on how brain fitness and cognitive skills have a deep impact on learners’ development and learning outcomes. She drew special attention towards the scientific brain based strategies which would certainly help the educators to enhance students’ behavioral and learning capabilities, mindsets, resilience and overall performance. She emphasized on the prime importance of a healthy brain as a prerequisite for a healthy individual. She insisted to take this day as an opportunity to kick start a massive scale-up in the investment of brain health. Various techniques and mechanisms discussed by Dr Jasdeep Kaur were highly appreciated by the attendees. The session ended with a round of in-depth discussion and doubt clearing session. Overall it was a fruitful and insightful virtual session which, undoubtedly, prepared the teachers for the journey ahead.


Virtual Session on Understanding Bully

Bullying is not restricted to physical or verbal aggression, but involves any act of intentional harm to the other individual, which could be in the form of verbal harassment, manipulation, teasing, gossiping, or even isolating a single person. Keeping this in mind school conducted an Online Session on “Understanding Bully” for the teachers .The resource person, Ms. Charanjeet Kalra(School Counsellor), talked about the negative impact of bullying on students’ sense of physical, emotional and social safety which are key components of a positive school climate.

She explained that the role of educators is very crucial not only in educating youngsters about bullying, but also empowering them with the ability to identify such incidents. Teachers learnt and reflected on different types of bullying, its behaviour, causes and consequences. The resource person suggested various effective ways to address bullying in the classroom. Questions and doubts of the audience were well addressed by the speaker. Educators, realising their responsibility, vowed to change their classroom environment and make the school anti bully zone where BCMites may grow and bloom fully according to their innate capabilities.


Interactive Virtual Session on Classroom Management for Faculty

An interactive webinar on ‘Classroom Management‘ as a part of the virtual training session series was organised by the school for the whole school faculty.  The session commenced with the keynote address by the school Principal Dr Vandana Shahi on policy perspectives of Classroom Management and attributes of an effective classroom. The resource person of the day, Mrs Monica Chawla (Principal-Saint Joseph School, Chandigarh & District Training Coordinator- Chandigarh) shared a myriad of techniques for classroom management that are likely to be successful when consistently and effectively implemented in the educational environment. Concepts explained by her like 5 P’s, Maslow Hierarchy of needs, Bucket Filler Programme, Brag Bracelets, QQDP, Formula of 3-2-1, Classroom Currency, Reward Chart, managing discipline and unalike students (chatterbox, clinger, boycotter & debater) equipped the teachers to move the children from terror to trust.

This enriching and informative session aimed to examine proactive approaches to manage the classroom environment before inappropriate behaviors.

Teachers shared their insights and challenges faced during classroom management and found the appropriate solutions. The session came to a closure with the vote of thanks by School Discipline Incharge Mr. Dinesh Sharma. Overall, the workshop proved to be highly engaging, effective and enlightening for all and the attendees expressed their keen interest to participate in the follow up sessions of the series.


Virtual Training Session on ‘Exploring HOTS and Out of the Box Pedagogical Approach

A very informative and enlightening session on ‘Exploring HOTS and Out of the Box Pedagogical Approach’ was conducted  for BCM Dugri fraternity under the virtual training session series. The resource person Mr Ajay Khosla (Assistant Professor DAV College of Education, Abohar ) received a warm welcome by the school principal, Dr Vandna Shahi and enriched  the teachers with his session where he gave practical tips that could be taken to the classrooms as per NEP 2020.He guided the teachers to discard the close ended approach and not be limited to a conformist approach. He guided them to imbibe positive reinforcement schedule which was required to have a desirable behaviour amongst students.
The teachers raised many questions to which he had a correlational approach.  Not only this, he also instructed the teachers to observe a lot, reflect, learn to be innovative and spend a lot of time on thinking. The session included with the vote of thanks and a promise by the faculty to get rid of the box and to see teaching from a new dimension.


Online Session on ‘How to Overcome Mathematics Phobia’

Learning is fundamental to teaching, thus teaching and learning are inseparable processes. Learning and acquiring knowledge leads to growth. With the same objective school organized an online webinar ‘How to Overcome Mathematics Phobia’ for its teaching faculty. The resource person for the session was Dr. Pushap Lata Sharma, Associate Professor Dept. of Mathematics, H.P. University, Shimla. The school  Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi,  extended her warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the resource person for sparing time out of her busy schedule to enlighten the stakeholders. Through this webinar, the educators explored the fundamental role of mindsets in learning Mathematics. They learnt to differentiate between conceptual and procedural approaches and creatively designed activities that combine the two. The resource person gave few tips for the easy mathematical calculations. Mathematical games and activities also made the session more interactive. Participants found it very engaging and enjoyable to work together during the webinar on overcoming the Maths phobia. Queries of teachers were handled in the Question-Answer round. Ms. Suruchi Jolly, the Senior Coordinator, presented the vote of thanks to Dr. Sharma saying that it was really an enriching experience for the teachers.