21 Jun,2022

Yoga for Humanity

International Yoga Day was celebrated under the theme “Yoga For Humanity ”. Young BCMites performed a Nukkad Natak under Community Outreach Programme with the aim to highlight the importance of yoga in attaining total health and inaccessible Nirvana. They promised to make all sincere efforts towards making yoga rooted in individual and familial lives. They adjured community members, to make all sincere efforts towards making yoga rooted in individual and familial lives,  through their Nukkad Natak. Their performance was covered by a renowned web channel Ludhiana Live. 

06 Jun,2022

World Environment Day

To commemorate World Environment Day, a number of events were organised in the school. Students were engaged in meaningful activities to show their love and respect for environment. A special programme was held in which NSS volunteers planted saplings in the school premises. Various activities like PPTs, debate and poster making were conducted to spread awareness about environment. Through myriad of activities, the students understood their responsibility towards nurturing the environment. Senior coordinator Ms. Suruchi Jolly implored the students to spread  awareness among the masses about the protection of nature and our beautiful environment. The celebrations came to an end with everyone pledging to take initiative  of saving the environment.

30 May,2022

Teen Entrepreneur Award Ceremony

A felicitation programme - Teen Entrepreneur Award Ceremony was organized to honor  the budding entrepreneurs of the school. The  member of the executive suite Mr. Suresh Munjal along with Mr Bernard Curren, (Assistant Director, Innovation and Enterprise, Birmingham City University UK ) graced the occasion with their  benign presence.  The school Manager Dr. Prem Kumar,  Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi , parents and alumni of the school added élan to the occasion. The red letter day  aimed at  recognizing the efforts of  the Mentor students of Tinkering Lab, Coders, Tinkers , Entrepreneurs, Wordsmiths , Dancers, Polymaths, Gymnasts and Musicians of the school who excelled in their particular fields. 

Continuing the family legacy initiated by revered Mahatma Satyanand Ji Munjal, to boost the morale of the stewards, Mr. Suresh Munjal along with other dignitaries bestowed the students with trophies and certificates.

 Besides recognizing the Entrepreneurs, the stalwarts who excelled at various  international, national and regional events like  NASA inspired Glee Mission,  National level IT Competition, National Scientific Creativity Competition by Ministry of Science and Technology of India,  Innovation Challenge by startup Punjab were also conferred with prizes. It was indeed inspiring and encouraging for the students to listen to the pearls of wisdom of the eminent personalities present on the occasion. Aumni from different fields also enlightened the students with their thoughts and experiences.The guests  expressed  their heart's elation and commended the efforts of  students and faculty members for honing exceptional and diverse talents in the school. 

21 May,2022

Anti Terrorism Day

With the aim to raise awareness about terrorism and violence and the way it affects the common people, BCMites celebrated Anti Terrorism Day. Students were sensitised how terrorism poses a direct threat to the security of the citizens of India, international stability, and prosperity. NSS Students along with the teachers took pledge to uphold and promote peace, social harmony, and understanding among all fellow human beings and fight the forces of disruption threatening human lives and values.”
School Principal Dr Vandna Shahi acquainted them with the dangers  of terrorism, violence, and its effect on people, society, and the country as a whole and adjured them to make sincere efforts to resolve this problem as a responsible citizen of the nation.

14 May,2022

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration

BCMites celebrated World Migratory Bird Day with the aim to raise awareness and highlight the need for protecting migratory birds and their habitats. The teachers sensitised the students that Migratory birds connect people, ecosystems and nations. They are symbols of peace of an interconnected planet. Their epic journeys inspire people of all ages, across the globe. Middle Wing Coordinator, Ms Anjan Kalia, fortified them that World Migratory Bird Day is not only an opportunity to celebrate the great natural wonder of bird migration - but also a reminder that those patterns, and ecosystems worldwide, are threatened by climate change. A PPT was also screened for the students highlighting the threats faced by them and the need for international cooperation to conserve them.The celebration concluded with a pledge to make sincere efforts to ensure theconservation of migratory birds and their habitats globally.

30 Apr,2022

Celebration of Ayushman Bharat Divas

The Ayushman Bharat Divas is significant to provide affordable medical services in the remote areas of the country. The day aims to promote health and wellness  and  to provide insurance benefits to the poor. Good health is a prerequisite for national development. Recognising the significance of  health care, BCMites observed this day to uplift the ideas of Ayushman Bharat Yojana. To celebrate this day children of class 2 and 3 were given health cards in  which they had to fill their vaccination details. Students were also provided awareness about their health and wellness. They were also motivated to adopt healthy habits in their life. Primary wing coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Pal Kaur added that Good education is possible only when a child is in good health and investing in the health and wellbeing of children should be  a  priority of all the teachers and the parents. The students also promised to implement healthy habits in their lives to stay healthy. 

29 Apr,2022

World Dance Day Celebration

'Dance is the hidden language of the soul'.

‘World Dance Day’ was celebrtaed with a great zeal in the school premises. Several dance events and festivals were held on this day all over the globe to commemorate the birthday of  Jean George’s Noverre, a French dancer. The school marked this day with special dance performances staged in a special assembly.   An Inter House Dance Competition was conducted wherein the little champs of primary wing showcased their talent through various dance forms. Students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed the foot tapping music along with exquisite dance forms. The Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi applauded the efforts of the students and said that dance is an art form which helps in expressing the emotions of life and relaxes the mind, body and the soul. Continuing with the colourful and musical celebrations, Primary wing coordinator Ms. Sukhnandan Pal Kaur added that dance not only gives us an opportunity to express us thoughts and feelings, but also keeps us physically fit and sound for life.

29 Apr,2022

Labour Day Celebration

All labour that uplifts humanity has dignity and  importance, and hence should be undertaken with painstaking excellence. 

To celebrate this painstaking effort of the labour force, that work tirelessly, Labour Day was celebrated in the school.Labour Day is a reminder for us that these are the real architects of our society. Various activities were designed to forge  a better understanding of labour community among our students.  As a mark of respect,  gratitude cards and self made cakes were presented to the supporting staff by the students. They were overwhelmed by this act of thankfulness and enjoyed the day. All the students participated  exuberantly in these activities. The School Principal, addressed the students that we all must learn to respect and appreciate the hardwork and dedication of the working class. 

25 Apr,2022

Tinkering Lab Inauguration

In an endeavour to foster curiosity, creativity, design mindset, computational thinking and develop scientific acumen in young learners, the school proudly set its steps into the nobel mission of knowledge enhancement by setting up 'Innovation and Tinkering Lab'. It was indeed a proud moment as the inauguration was done by Professor Philip Plowden, Vice Chancellor Birmingham City University, UK along with Professor Julian Beer, Dy. Vice Chancellor, Dr. Prem Kumar, Executive Director BCM Foundation, Mr. S. K. Rai, Member BCM Foundation and all principals of sister concerns. 
The program commenced with the escorting of guests by school band, followed by an exuberant bouquet presentation and foot tapping welcome dance by flexile gymnasts. The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries present. She added that Skilled India is the need of the hour and the lab would teach students essential 21st century skills which will help them in developing their professional and personal skills and script “a Great Indian Story”.
The guest of honour, Prof. Philip Plowden and Prof. Julian Beer in presence of other esteemed guests unveiled the plaque to mark the foundation stone laying ceremony of the lab. In his inaugural address, Prof. Plowden admired and applauded the endeavour wholeheartedly. He also congratulated the school management and administration for taking up the initiative to establish such useful schemes in the school for the benefit of the students. Prof. Julian Beer motivated the students to be more passionate in their quest for knowledge.
During the inauguration, the young innovators from the school presented innovative and futuristic models like Sign Language Translator Glove, Solar Water Disinfection System, Brain Computer Interface System, Robo-Cars, Home Automation System, Smart Watering System and many more. 
The budding coders also exhibited their design thinking projects based on Gaming and App development. The esteemed guests were left spellbound with the talent showcased by the Gatka performers, aspiring entrepreneurs and wordsmiths. The young BCMites also demonstrated breathing techniques and conferred tips to stay happy like a child. At last, Mr. Rai  urged the students to make best use of this lab and wished all the success for their future endeavors.

22 Apr,2022

World Earth Day Celebration

'The Earth has enough resources for our need, but not for our greed'

Keeping the same in mind and to sensitize the children towards environment protection and conversation, the school celebrated 'World Earth Day'  A plethora of creative activities were organised for the students of different wings to motivate them to do their bit towards making their planet even more beautiful. To extend this awareness to people outside the school, the students of class XII carried this message on the streets around the school, They celebrated the power of green by organising a cleanliness drive to the nearby areas and making the residents aware about the importance of Saving Environment and highlighted the harmful effects of polythene bags. The students of grade VI to VIII participated in activities like Poster Making, Slogan Writing and Best out of Waste in which they showcased their artistic and creative skills. Various awareness videos were also made and uploaded on social media by the senior students highlighting the importance of the day.The blooming buds of classes II to V prepared craft items based on the theme of Earth Day like crown, band, headgear, wrist band and showcased the components of  nature through a walkathon around the school campus to appreciate and respect the natural world.

The School Principal, applauded the efforts of all the students and urged them to thank Mother Earth for all its bountiful gifts in the form of flora, fauna and beautiful landscapes. 

18 Apr,2022

World Heritage Day Celebration

World Heritage Day was celebrated with great zeal and fervor by Buzzing Bcmites . Special Inter class activities were conducted,in which the students as well as teachers participated whole heartedly. Teachers   sensitised the students about the diversity of cultural heritage of our country. Students experienced the varied flavours of the country's rich cultural legacy and world’s various monuments through various activities. Activities like Collage making, Model presentation, Best out of waste like making of seven wonders of the world, village scene of Punjab, beauty of Kathakali etc. were organised for senior students and they participated in these activities with enthusiasm and zeal. The objective behind conducting these activities was to enlighten students about the value and significance  of the world heritage . The School Principal motivated and advised the students to preserve the monuments and cherish them as the foretellers of the past.

13 Apr,2022


The school celebrated Baisakhi, a popular harvesting festival and the birth anniversary of Dr. BR Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution of India with immense exuberance. The school premises wore a festive look with the compound decorated with items depicting the heritage of Punjab and tricolour flags. Various exhilarating activities were organised for the students of class XII. An Inter house Quiz Competition was also organised for the senior students in which they participated with great zeal. The first round was based on the 'life of Dr. BR Ambedkar' and the facts of Baisakhi festival. The second round was on 'Indian Cabinet' and the third was audio visual round.The motive behind organising this competition was to make the students acknowledge Dr. Ambedkar's vision to create a nation on the firm grounds of democracy and social justice along with sustainable development. Ms. Suruchi Jolly, the senior coordinator, apprised the students of their rich culture and heritage. 
The School Principal motivated the children to follow Dr Ambedkar's footsteps and imbibe his values and principles in their lives to achieve their goals and uplift society. 

11 Apr,2022

Pet Day celebration

‘The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man’

To accentuate the significance of animals in our lives, National Pet Day was celebrated  in the school premises. National Pet Day is a unique opportunity to dedicate a day to pets which bring joy in our lives. It also inspires us to spend time with our beloved animals. The school principal Dr. Vandna Shahi said that the main objective of organising this day is to sensitize the children about animals and  create a sense of responsibility in their  minds on how we need to love and care for other living beings. The little champs  shared their views about their pets. The enthusiastic participation of children was indeed a feast to the eyes of everyone. Primary wing coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Pal Kaur reiterated to give unconditional love to pets and be compassionate to them. The learners were excited and thrilled. 

07 Apr,2022

Innovation on Wheels an Exhibition by CT University

"Today is the perfect opportunity to start building the tomorrow you really want."

Keeping the same thought in mind the School provided  opportunity to students to visit the Innovation on wheels an exhibition by CT University,where various models were on display. The aim of this visit was to inculcate  creativity, problem solving , decision making  and critical thinking among students. The eagerness and  expressive emotions of the students, brimming with anticipation were the testimony of the wonderful experience they had. This occasion added great impetus to the opportunities provided by the school to young students. School principal appreciated the ambitious step taken  by the school to encourage youngsters  to develop curiosity and entrepreneur skills by using technology as an aid.

07 Apr,2022

World Health Day Celebration

Raising awareness about physical health and mental wellbeing, and various measures to combat global health challenges World Health Day was celebrated on April 7th,2022. A Plethora of activities were organised for students to sensitise them to remain healthy by eating nutritious food,  fruits and vegetables .They were made aware about the importance of physical exercises like yoga and aerobics to remain fit and active. Senior Secondary students ardently participated in making of  ‘Happiness Cards’ and ‘Energy Boosting Kits’.  Senior students confidently put forth their views through extempore and reiterated the importance of healthy eating habits. 
The School Principal also apprised the students about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and urged the students to develop a deep understanding of the essential link  between individual and collective health for a sustainable life .On the whole the day was celebrated in its true fervour .

02 Apr,2022

Fun Filled Session

‘Without the element of fun, it’s not worth trying to excel at anything’ A Day filled with frolic and lots of fun for the students of grade II, when the little steps set foot in the school premises. The joy and excitement on their faces transcended into a vibrant and glittering environment. The facilitators welcomed the budding learners with a pleasant smile and carried out a host of playful activities, games to help the students become comfortable with their new classmates, new teachers and to accustom them with their new learning ground. The eagerness and expressive emotions of the pupils, brimming with anticipation, were a testimony to the wonderful experience, the children had on the first day. The school Principal, expressed her innate glee and welcomed the nascent students with her warmth and charm. She applauded and congratulated the parents for their support and cooperation. 
The coordinator, Ms. Sukhnandan Pal Kaur, too extended her heartfelt gratitude and appreciation. It was indeed a gratifying start, as the youngest members of the learning bandwagon enveloped the school corridors with exuberance and contentment.

31 Mar,2022

Orientation Program- Responsive Induction for Starters Engagement

The school  welcomed its newly admitted students at a special Orientation Program- Responsive Induction for Starters Engagement ( R.I.S.E.). It began on a pious note with Havan Ceremony to invoke blessings of Almighty for the successful beginning of the new academic session. Afterwards,  it proceeded with the welcome address by the School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi. She acclimatised the parents and the students with school infrastructure, NEP, Innovative teaching and learning methodologies and co- scholastic activities being followed in the school. She also threw  light on the changing scenario in education and how to combat with the situation. School Coordinators also interacted with the parents  explicating the pattern for holistic development, code of conduct , core values and ethos ingrained in the curriculum. They also underscored role of parents in child’s education and emphasised on dos and don'ts to be taken care of as a parent. 
Mentor students took the newcomers for the round of the school to make them familiar with the school premises. They were on cloud nine to be a part BCM family. It was, indeed, a step towards a strong partnership among all the stake holders .

18 Feb,2022

BCM’ites Pay Gratitude to BSF Personnel

School got the privilege to accommodate a regiment of BSF jawans from West Bengal in the campus due to their appointment in the elections. The school authorities availed this opportunity to provide students a first-hand experience into the tough and disciplined lifestyle of these sons of motherland. A special assembly was organised to honour their valour and unconditional discharge of  duties. They were welcomed  to the Central ground amongst thunderous claps. The students sang a patriotic song to highlight the true dedication and sense of duty of these angels. A self composed poem was also narrated by Ms. Nidhi Sharma in their honour highlighting their contribution in the safe electoral process. 
A formal welcome was accorded by the school principal Dr Vandna Shahi who, on behalf of school faculty and student body paid gratitude to the defence forces for being an embodiment of self sacrifice.  A motivational speech was given to students by Mr Chittaranjan from the regiment who asked them to instill discipline,value for time, punctuality,  love for the nation and humanity right from childhood. ASI Mr SK Thakur informed the students about the life of BSF.  Constable W Marshall told the importance of’Jai  Hind’ in the life of Army men and inspired all to cast their vote wisely. Sub inspector Shri Mahesh Chand Sharma recited a poem highlighting the hardships of militants. The students have always sent  Rakhis to the soldiers on borders but this time they got the opportunity to tie self-made Rakhis on their wrists. It was their way of thanking them for maintaining peace and harmony of the country.


04 Feb,2022

World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day was observed by the studensts of  Primary Wing. Students were acquainted with the importance of this day through a Power Point Presentation. They were guided about the aim of the Cancer Day is to prevent millions of deaths each year by raising awareness and education about cancer. The objective of celebrating this day in schools is to educate students, parents as well as teachers, across the world to take action against this disease. The students made beautiful ‘Get Well Soon Cards’ for the cancer patients. On this occasion the school Principal emphasized that schools must involve young students in  co-curricular activities  to raise awareness about causes of cancer and important steps to prevent cancer.

30 Jan,2022

Vaccination Camp

A vaccination camp was organised for the students between the age group of 15 to 18 in collaboration with the Civil Hospital Ludhiana.  Sh Varinder Sharma ,DC Ludhiana and Dr SP Singh( Civil Surgeon ,Ludhiana) along with other dignitaries like Dr Seema  Kaushal(Head UPHC Jawaddi), Mr Ashpreet Singh(Chairman CII, Ludhiana), Mr Ashwin Nagpal (Vice Chairman,CII,Ludhiana) Ms Shivani Sachdeva(Principal BCM  World Pre School) visited the camp to motivate the youngsters. They applauded them for being the responsible citizens of the country. The experts vaccinated the children in presence of the parents  with their consent. Arrangements were made to meet every kind of emergency. Around 400 students were vaccinated(320 with Covaxin and 30 with Covishield) during the camp and certificates were also issued. The school principal Dr Vandna Shahi clarified her purpose by saying that it was an endeavour as per the government guidelines to get maximum students vaccinated and enable them fight the fatal virus. She further elaborated that it was essential for the students to be safe and reach back the school premises because their futures cannot be put at stake.

29 Jan,2022


Technology is merely a tool if implemented correctly, can empower learning and make it more participatory. In light of this, the primary wing organized the 'SAHYOG PROGRAMME' for parents, in which they were taught how to fully utilise the potential of digital tools such as a smartphone and the internet and that too very securely and appropriately. The major goal of this session was to assist all parents with limited familiarity with digital tools.

26 Jan,2022


BCMites virtually commemorated Republic Day with faith in their hearts, independence in their thoughts, strength in their convic tions, and pride in their heritage. Students watched a live telecast of the parade to rejoice in delight and enjoy the festivities. They articulated their thoughts on Atam Nirbhar Bharat as well as India's rich culture and heritage. They also took part in a virtual tour of the National War Memorial. They made lovely crafts with a tricolour theme. The patriotic fervour warmed up an otherwise freezing winter. The school Principal greeted the students on the occasion and reminded them of their duties towards the nation. The flag hoisting was done by the school Principal which was witnessed by the staff. 

24 Jan,2022


The school commemorated National Girl Child Day with zeal and enthrallment. The objective is to raise awareness about the need of empowering the girls. Students from class IV onwards took part in a variety of activities such as inter-class poem recitation, poster making, and slogan writing. They also enjoyed the activity 'Selfie with Parents.' The day's underlying message was to support girl child and eliminate gender bias.

13 Jan,2022

National Youth Day celebrations

The school celebrated 25th National Youth Day to pay tribute to the great spiritual leader Swami Vivekananda Ji on his 159th birth anniversary. The prime aim behind the celebrations was to promote world peace, self reliance and rational thinking among the students. The day was observed to honour the ideals and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda Ji who had been extremely vocal about the importance of youth in the process of nation building.A series of activities like , Poem Recitation Competition, Slogan Writing and Speech on Vivekananda’s Teachings, were organised on various themes related to the youth. The students displayed a variety of techniques and subjects to express their interpretation. They enjoyed the beauty of expression, feelings and thoughts and left everyone awe- struck as they presented their talent so immaculately and effortlessly.
The school Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, stated on the occasion that one should learn from the life and philosophies of Swami Ji and strive to achieve three P’s : Purity , Patience and Perseverance - the tenets of the teachings of Swami Vivekananda.

30 Dec,2021


The school organised Life Skill Advocacy Program for the students of primary and middle wing. School Counselor, Ms Charanjit Kaur Kalra, conducted a series of innovative sessions along with visual presentation of models. Children were apprised of the significance of balanced diet, academics and recreational activities through a model of balance. They were familiarised with the value of relationships and friendship in life. Students were also given tips to stay safe at home and school. These interactive sessions taught them about safe circle and danger escape strategy along with the correct usage of emergency contact numbers. They were able to learn and develop the life skills needed to lead a balanced life.

10 Dec,2021

SARTHIS staged a Cultural Show on Human Rights Day

The school witnessed a unique kind of celebration to mark the Human  Rights Day. A cultural show ‘Ojas… the bountiful energy’ was put up by and for the members of the supporting staff. The theme of this year celebration, ‘ Equality, reducing inequalities and advancing’ gave a spark to the idea of the holistic involvement, growth and happiness of support staff. It also enabled them to showcase their emotions and talents confidently. The event commenced with the lamp lighting ceremony by the guest of honour, a renowned anchor Ms. Kamlesh Gupta which was followed by a prayer recitation. In her welcome address, the  school principal Dr Vandna Shahi commented that human rights development is important especially after Covid which deepened the gaps of inequality. She was extremely proud of the establishment of SARTHIS- Systematic Approach and Robust Training for Harmonious Involvement of Support Staff Program,that aims at enhancing their skills capabilities and knowledge. The modelling and dance performances left the audience spellbound. The gratitude speech aroused emotions of one and all. The special performance by the staff of KG wing proved to be an icing on the cake. They were obliged at the recognition they got by the school authorities. The event clinched with a vote of thanks by Mr. Yadav, the school supervisor, who was grateful for the love and respect the support staff got at the campus. All hoped that by incorporating human rights as a way of life a fundamental change can be brought about which would help all in realisation of vision that we have for our country.

25 Nov,2021


The school hosted a hybrid event ‘Je Découvre with Syed Sultan Ahmed’ under the aegis of BCM Leadership Forum. The resource person for the event Syed Sultan (MD and Chief Learner @ LXL Ideas,Bangalore) empowered the faculty and students with his expertise. The School Silverscreen Star- Saksham Sharma and Budding Astronomer & ISO Achiever, Amritjyot Singh accorded him a warm reception.

He was immensely pleased to witness new ventures of the school. In his conversation with the members of Teen Entrepreneur Club, he applauded them for recognizing their latent talent and being self-reliant. The club members offered him self-made delicacies and presented handmade masks. He also inaugurated ‘Knowledge Hub’, the subject specified galleries that have been set up to supplement knowledge of Gen X.

The interactive session commenced with lamp lighting ceremony and was attended by Dr.Prem Kumar(Executive Director, BCM Foundation), the Principals, staff and students of sister concerns. Mr. Sultan in his addressal, affirmed that schools need to shift focus from marks based academic curriculum to life based overall development. He fortified the youngsters to embrace every new opportunity that comes their way and create their own success stories. He accentuated that lifelong  learning is an indispensable tool to keep pace with this competitive world. The talk clinched with a doubt clearing session wherein queries of the attendees were resolved. The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, was grateful to the guest for enlightening the students. The event concluded with a vote of thanks by Savleen Kaur, Student secretary of BCM Leadership Forum.

01 Nov,2021

Tete-e-Tete With Corporate World

Students of XII FMM visited a broker house and had detailed discussion with CA Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Director Capital Market. They got to know about the factors affecting share market. His rich experience enlightened the students about the depth of market and art of differentiation between speculation and investing. Students also got the firsthand experience of live trading of NSE terminal and features of NEAT screen were discussed with the students in detail.

29 Oct,2021

Joining Hands with Community

School always aims to support students for their development as responsible citizens and future leaders through meaningful service activities as a part of  Community Outreach Programme. Keeping the same in mind, Bcmits performed a Nukkad Natak at Kipps Market and Silver Arc Mall, urging people to celebrate Green Diwali and share happiness with the ones who are less privileged. They also sensitised them about the hazardous effects of burning crackers and requested everyone to make sincere efforts for a clean and pollution free environment. All the citizens were exhorted to follow the COVID  norms during this festive season.
School Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi, appreciated students’ endeavours and stated that engaging students in such community projects would definitely foster ,the feeling of compassion and responsibility towards society , among the students.