28 Nov,2023

Learning through the Cinema Pedagogy

School  recently organized a movie watch session as part of the International Kids' Film Festival (IKFF) for parents,students and staff. The event aimed to impart important life lessons such as honesty, integrity, and resilience to the students through the engaging medium of cinema pedagogy. The school collaborated with LXL Media Pvt Limited to showcase theme-based short movies that aligned with the educational objectives of the session.The primary goal of the movie watch session was to leverage the power of cinema to instill valuable life lessons in students. Recognizing the impact that visual storytelling can have on young minds, the school aimed to use the medium to teach essential values and foster character development.

03 Nov,2023

LSSC competition ‘Inside Scoop: The Market campaign’

LSSC Competition ‘ Inside Scoop’ : The Market Campaign was tailored and hosted by school  where 20 teams from top city schools participated. The judges included Dr. Kawal Nain Singh - Head of the Department (Associate Professor) Management Studies. and Mrs Kamlesh Gupta (Radio, TV, stage corporate Anchor and Voice Over Artist). This competition was an opportunity to bring out individual talent of the students participating, and to provide them with a platform to explore their creativity and work on their stage presence. The first position was bagged by the team from Jesus Sacred Heart, South City. 

02 Nov,2023

A session on Disaster Management

A session  on Disaster Management was organised for the class IX students. It was  aimed to give guidance to the students   to be ready to meet any disaster and emergency situations around them.

During the session the volunteers from NDRF along with Mr Manoj Bharadwaj presented demonstrations related to disasters to the students to overcome any disaster-related situation.

Moreover, demonstrations related to first aid treatment to injured ones during any untoward incident were also given to the students .During the program, students were given practical training on how to deal with it.

During the training program, search and rescue kit  was also displayed before the students. The  members of rescue team gave details about these kits and practically showed participants the use of the kits during emergencies. times.The students were made aware about their actions  during emergency times. All were thoroughly satisfied.


26 Oct,2023

Inspirational Session for Students on the Value of Resilience

"Resilience is not a single skill, but a variety of skills and coping strategies that can be learned and developed over time.”

BCM Leadership Forum organised an inspirational session for the students of classes XI and XII. Session was conducted by Ms. Sandeep Rayat, Managing Director of Akal Springs Limited and a well respected figure in the business world, accompanied by Dr Prem Kumar ( School Manager) and Dr Vandna Shahi( Principal). The session aimed to emphasize the importance of resilience and its role in achieving personal and professional success.

Sharing her own personal journey as the Managing Director, Ms. Rayat passionately addressed the students, highlighting the significance of resilience and perseverance in overcoming the challenges.

During the session, she engaged the audience with captivating stories and real-life examples, illustrating the power of resilience in overcoming obstacles. She not only encouraged the students to embrace challenges but also guided the youngsters  to view them   as opportunities for growth. Ms. Rayat also emphasized the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, staying focused on goals, and developing a strong support system.

Dr Vandna Shahi, the Principal saluted the indomitable spirit of the key note speaker and advised the students to start measuring their sticks to achieve success in all their ventures.

21 Oct,2023

BML Munjal Tinkerpreneurs – Towards Tomorrow..

The highly anticipated event, BML Munjal Tinkerpreneurs – Towards Tomorrow, was set to become a dynamic gathering of young entrepreneurial minds, as teams from across the nation geared up to participate in the school campus. This event proved a melting pot of creativity and business acumen for GenZ. This conjuncture dedicated to honoring Dr. Brij Mohan Munjal on the occasion of his 100th birth anniversary was graced by the esteemed presence of Ms. Jasroop Kaur Batth, IPS Officer, Ludhiana as the Chief Guest. The event saw the presence of many distinguished individuals -Sh. Suresh Ji Munjal (President SMC), Dr. Prem Kumar (Manager), and Principals of sister BCM Schools.
In a testament to the widespread appeal of the BML Munjal Tinkerpreneurs event, a total of eight enthralling competitions unfolded, captivating the imagination and skills of students from various schools. The grand Finale of the event featured an award ceremony, where the participants' hard work and dedication were celebrated. Trophies and cash prizes were awarded to the winners for recognizing their exceptional talent and efforts.

20 Oct,2023


In order to impart  important values such as kindness, empathy and the joy of giving, the school partnered with Ludhiana Municipal Corporation donation programme. The program's goal was to gather necessary donations, such as clothing, books, stationery and utensils, to be given to people in need. Students comprehended the fundamental idea of the three Rs: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle by actively donating items to individuals who could utilise them more effectively. They also provided donation items in neatly packaged bags. Along with giving necessities to those in need, they also acquired priceless life lessons like empathy, thankfulness, cooperation and social responsibility.

19 Oct,2023


To aware the students about the safe use of social media,  various activities like digital poster making,power point presentation and speech for the students of classes VIl and VIII were conducted . Teachers  guided the students to stay safe while surfing on internet. They were taught about safety measures they should adopt while using internet. They were further sensitized towards privacy and security of data. The day was concluded by sharing some tips on ethical use of internet by the students through powerpoint presentation.

14 Oct,2023


For the purpose of celebrating Students' Day, classes VI to VIII  participated in a variety of events.  The famous Missile Man, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, made his contributions known to the students through a presentation on his life . Honouring students' unwavering commitment and the priceless contributions they provide to our global community is the day's other goal. The students took part in a variety of activities, such as creating posters, giving presentations and writing a ‘All About Me’ essay in which they listed their strengths and pledged to improve themselves.

12 Oct,2023


An Awareness Program was organised to celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. The program was conducted to recognize  rights and challenges of girls in Indian society. Various activities were organized to spread awareness about the importance of  education of the girls, their right to live and their safety . The latent aim was to discourage society against female foeticide, which has grappled our nation since the ancient past.

10 Oct,2023


World Mental Health Day was observed with the goal of raising awareness, eradicating stigma and offering useful resources for preserving emotional wellbeing. Ms. Gursabeen Kaur( clinical psychologist DMCH) gave a captivating discussion on ‘Mental Health: A Real Inner Wealth’ . The school counsellor led a special guided meditation session and provided advice on mental health during a special assembly. In order to promote teamwork and stress reduction among students, the school also arranged a variety of interactive games and art projects. Participants were asked to consider the good things in their lives and to express gratitude for the people, events and possessions that make them happy by  ‘Gratitude Note Writing’ exercise. The school informed parents about the Manodarpan, CBSE initiative for help in  distress.

08 Oct,2023


To create awareness about the role of the postal sector in day-to-day life and its contribution to the social and economic development of countries,  World Postal Day  was organised with great ardour and zeal. The Primary Wing students took a journey back in time and got a glimpse of India before emails and social media. They were sensitized about the daily routine working of the Postal Department. Beautiful counters were put up showcasing the post office scene and the students bought stamps, postcards, and inland letters. Children wrote letters to their loved ones and posted them. A short presentation was shown to children depicting the vital role played by the Postal service. 

07 Oct,2023

Step, Song and Shine – Unveiling the Ultimate Musical Talent Hunt Show

To identify young vocal talents from the diverse backgrounds,  School  hosted a Musical Talent Hunt in association with LSS( Ludhiana Sanskritik Samagam) Talent Hub. It aimed to give wings to the budding singers by providing them a platform to showcase their hidden latents. 160 participants participated in the event. The School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi welcomed all the participants and teachers with good wishes.
The auditions were taken under the able guidance of music genius Ms.Liza Dawar, Ms.Manisha Thapar and Mr.Sanjeev. The event witnessed the young musical prodigies as they performed a diverse range of songs, from classical melodies to contemporary chart-toppers. The mellifluous contestants displayed exceptional vocal prowess, stage presence, and an undeniable passion for music. It was an exciting and talent-packed event that  set the stage on fire with exceptional musical performances by the budding stars.
Serving as a powerful medium of developing the  confidence and personality of the futuristic singers, the experience received humongous participation. The selected participants would get the chance to showcase their acumen on the bigger platform.


06 Oct,2023


A competition on the theme BEST OUT OF WASTE USING MILK BAGS was conducted at BCM School, Dugri for the students of grade IX by the Milk Bag Recycling Project team. The students participated enthusiastically and exhibited beautiful and creative work using Empty milk bags. They made torans, wall hangings, shopping bags, garlands, flower pots, and many other decorative items. This fun-filled activity not only enhanced the creativity and presentation skills of the students but also helped them realize the importance of recycling, reducing plastic, and reusing waste material.

29 Sep,2023


The Career Fair- EDUCLAVE 2023 was organised to offer an engaging and educational experience to the parents and the students of Classes X–XII The event was inaugurated by Sh. Suresh Chandra Munjal (President SMC) Dr. Prem Kumar (School Manager) and School Principal, expressed their deep gratitude to all the individuals and groups that devoted their time to have a significant positive impact on the lives of the students.

The youngsters were given career guidance from representatives from 20 major universities and institutions across India. The event included a wide variety of companies and organisations, each of which represented a distinct area of the job market. Additionally, it provided a distinctive forum for students to have a conversation with experts in many fields, pose questions and learn more about potential trajectories.

14 Sep,2023


To pay tribute and to mark the importance of the country’s most widely spoken language, Hindi Diwas was celebrated by BCMites with great zeal and enthusiasm. The students of classes II-X participated in various activities such as tory Narration, Hindi Recitation, Speech Delivery etc. The self-composed stories and poems were greatly appreciated by their respective teachers. Children also designed beautiful and thought- provoking posters.

02 Sep,2023


Honouring and appreciating the young blooming buds with accolades, Class II Annual Day  was held with great ardour and fervour in the school campus. The event  RANGMANCH - 2023 included a series of thematic performances ranging from devotion to family values, patriotism to unity in diversity, parental love to social issues and many more. Commencing on a devotional note, the celebration encapsulated various faces of society and culture. The Guest  of Honour Dr. Gagan Preet  Kaur graced the occasion with her august presence.  The cultural event was set rolling by evoking the blessings of God through the lamp lighting ceremony. The event progressed by witnessing the mesmerizing performances by the young BCMites. The Guest of Honour Dr. Gagan Preet Kaur addressed the gathering and shared her pearls of wisdom.  The breathtaking dramatic journey culminated with the spectacular grand finale dance. The Primary Headmistress, Ms. Shilpi  Gurtu customarily expressed her words of gratitude. The School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi gratified the esteemed guests, the parents ,the audience and cherished the bedazzling and magnificent performance by the children. The spectacle left the  audience spellbound, craving for more. 

01 Sep,2023


The young BCMites and their teachers attended the official launch of the ‘City Needs Campus Reporter’ programme at Ishmeet Academy. It was introduced by renowned District Commissioner Mrs. Surbhi Malik amid a buzz of excitement and anticipation in a stunning convergence of vision and purpose. A tapestry of luminaries, educators, aspiring young content writers, broadcasters, photographers and editors assembled there to witness the start of a new era. Maneet Dewan, the founder of The City Needs, emphasised the role of this effort as a conduit for building civic consciousness, community outreach, supporting ethical journalism and promoting the ideals of truth and honesty. 

23 Aug,2023


In a splendid endeavour to expand the horizons of knowledge, the school planned an enlightening exposure visit for its science students to the renowned Poddar Tyre Limited industry. The students were greeted by the industrious personnel of Poddar Tyre Limited, Mr. MP Vyas and Subhas Batra. The sprawling expanse of the manufacturing facility unfurled before students’ curious eyes, a symphony of machinery and innovation choreographed in harmonious precision. Guided by Mr. Kushagra Jindal, the students traversed the labyrinthine corridors, each step weaving a thorough understanding as they observed the intricate materials and machines converging to create the final rubber masterpiece.

22 Aug,2023

Documentary Movie Competition - Dr. Brij Mohan Lall Munjal – Hero Forever

To showcase the remarkable journey and the positive influence of Dr Brij Mohan Lall’s contribution to society, school, conducted Inter-school Documentary Competition on the theme- ‘Dr. Brij Mohan Lall Munjal – Hero Forever’. Mr. Suresh Kant Munjal ( President SMC) graced the occasion with his presence and highlighted the pivotal role of Dr. Munjal in transforming various industries and nurturing a culture of excellence and innovation. The event was presided over by Mr.Ashim Nagpal (Director of Haveli Ram Bansi Lal). Participants exuberantly explored Dr. Brij Mohan Lal Munjal's life story and translated it into compelling cinematic narratives.
Mr. Alamgir Singh (Managing Director and Sound Engineer @ Wavetrap Productions) and Mrs. Kamlesh Gupta(TV Actor and Stage Anchor ) adjudged the performances.

21 Aug,2023

Community Outreach Program- Go Green Say No Plastics

Young BCMites took the lead in an impactful awareness drive under the ‘Community Outreach Program’, advocating the elimination of plastic use and the complete eradication of polythene bags. The young activists, distributed handmade cloth bags among the locals, as an eco-conscious alternative to polybags. Their efforts not only spread awareness but also showcased the potential for sustainable choices in everyday life.
The School Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi praised the dedication of the students and stated that through such initiatives, they can inspire all to make mindful choices fostering a cleaner and greener future.

15 Aug,2023

Independence Day Celebration

To inculcate the spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie, Independence Day was celebrated  with great zeal and exhilaration by the BCMites. The energetic Bcmites enthusiastically showcased their talents in Badge Making and Tri-colour Salad Making, activities. Their creative works depicted the glory of nation. Recitation competition was also organised. Special assembly was conducted to pay homage to the painful chapters of history. It was a mesmerizing sight to see everyone swayed in the mixed emotions of joy, pride and hope.The celebration commenced with the flag-hoisting ceremony where the unfurling of the National flag was followed by National Anthem and the release of tricolor balloons into the sky. Young BCMites also presented  astounding dance performance on patriotic songs exhibiting their love for the nation.The School Principal, Dr.Vandna Shahi, addressed the gathering by reiterating the way our brave freedom fighters sacrificed their lives, happiness and families.  She appreciated the students for their participation in different activities.

14 Aug,2023

Inter House Wall Painting Competition

Inter House Wall Painting Competition was held in the school where Kohinoor House bagged First position. Gulmohar House and Pukhraj House shared the Second position. Shalimar House bagged the Third position.

12 Aug,2023

Teej Celebration - For Alumni

School hosted a 'Teej celebration' for its alumni with great cultural and aesthetic gaiety and traditional fervour. It was graced with the august presence of Dr Anuradha Kumar as the chief guest. The event was a harmonious blend of cultural richness and modern enthusiasm, creating a memorable occasion for students, staff, and alumni. The highlight of the celebration was the Alumni Ms. Teej Contest, where the talented alumni showcased their grace, poise, and cultural elegance. The participants elegantly adorned traditional attire demonstrated their talents, and shared heartwarming anecdotes of their time at the school. Dr Anuradha Kumar, the revered guest congratulated all the participants and inspired them to hold fast to their mother tongue in their hearts and keep participating in such activities. The Principal expressed her gratitude to all for making the celebration a resounding success. She added, "It is heartening to witness our alumni thrive while staying connected to their roots "

10 Aug,2023

Establishment of Standard Club

To channelize the creativity and enhance the scientific temperament of the students, BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards), mandated by the Government of India established the Standards Club. BIS organised a session to familiarize the students with the importance of Standardization and its impact on various industries. The event was presided over by Sh. Suresh Munjal, (President SMC, BCM School), Smt. Rama Munjal along with Dr Prem Kumar (Manager BCM School) who acknowledged the efforts of BIS for BCMites.
The Resource Persons Mr. Suresh Jain and Mr. Vikas Kumar acquainted the students with Standardization, Technical Division Councils, and Standard Formulation. The Bcmites were equipped with the required knowledge and understanding of the Management System Certificate Scheme. To encourage active participation, a Standard Writing Competition was organized. Students created their standards on the theme of "IS 1011: Biscuits". The competition was conducted in groups, and at the end of the evolution, winners were rewarded with a cash prize.
The School Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi enunciated that Standardization is crucial in ensuring quality, safety, and reliability in various industries. She thanked BIS for their sponsorship and support in organizing the competition.

29 Jul,2023

Nukkad Natak On World Nature Conservation Day

On the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day, the Primary Wing students presented a Nukkad Natak in the school premises.The objective of this performance was to spread awareness to the masses to conserve nature  for their own survival and for generations to come.The play emphasized on conservation of Mother Nature, natural resources and sustainable living.
The students rendered an enthusiastic and zealous performance.The purpose of the activity was fulfilled as the participants were successful in making the audience aware of the need to conserve nature and save the environment from the clutches of the demon called pollution. The young BCMites were lauded for leaving an indelible mark on the minds of the audience through their flawless performance.The School Headmistress Ms. Shilpi Gurtu applauded the students whole-heartedly for their energetic rendition. On this occasion, the School Principal  Dr. Vandana Shahi stated that we all should take small steps to bring a positive change in the environment.

22 Jul,2023

Inter House Vedic Declamation

Bringing together the brilliance of ancient Indian scriptures and the dynamism of oratory skills, an Inter House Vedic Declamation was organized in the School prmises. It aimed to celebrate the profound wisdom and timeless beauty of Vedic literature. The competition showcased the art of persuasive speaking where the participants enthusiastically expatiated their views on various Vedic texts like Parmatma Ka Nijnam Om, Bhagya and Purusharth, Vasudav Kutumbukum, Jal Hai To Kal Hai, etc. Parneet Sodhi from Shalimar House bagged the first position. Dilpreet Kaur and Prasha both from Pukhraj House were declared the first and second runner up respectively. Divyanka from Kohinoor House bagged the consolation prize. The winners were awarded by Mr. Roshan Lal, the Manager Ved Prachar Mandal, and Mr. Rakesh Sharma, the Deputy Principal of the school.

22 Jul,2023


An innovative and exhilarating quiz competition ‘Snakes and Ladders’ for Commerce students of Class XII . The competition was designed using the popular board game format to make learning enjoyable and engaging for budding entrepreneurs. The game, combined intellectual challenges with elements of strategy just like the traditional Snakes and Ladders game but with a scholastic twist. The quiz competition covered diverse topics from the Commerce stream curriculum including Accounting, Economics, Business Studies, and Current Affairs which boosted the knowledge of the students in a fun-filled way.
The School Principal Dr Vandna Shahi motivated the students to embrace new ways of learning, stating that they should upskill themselves using novel ways to make learning long-lasting. She emphasized on the incorporation of gamification in the curriculum, which would enable them to unlock new skills, and highlighted that challenges would be part of the journey, but the eventual success would be truly elating.

19 Jul,2023

Cabinet Meeting

To promote leadership development and foster collaboration among student leaders, the Cabinet Meeting was hosted for the students of senior wing. It comprised of the School Captains, all the House Captains, Vice Captains, and Discipline Incharge. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Rakesh Sharma (Deputy Principal), Ms. Suruchi Jolly (Sr. Coordinator), and Mr. Dinesh Kumar (Discipline Incharge). The cabinet members were motivated to impart a good spirit of enthusiasm for work, devotion to duty, cooperation among themselves and to be more vigilant to every activity happening in the school so that the school environment becomes healthy, safe, progressive, and conducive to growth.

06 Jul,2023


Some students attended Internship program at a Ludhiana Stock and Capital Limited during summer vacations. The internship program at the stock exchange proved to be an invaluable opportunity for students to gain practical knowledge, valuable insights into the functioning of the stock market and develop skills essential for a career in finance. The program successfully combined theoretical learning with hands-on experiences, mentorship and networking opportunities.

05 Jun,2023

World Environment Day

To commemorate World Environment Day, a number of events were organised in the school with great zeal and enthusiasm. Students were engaged in meaningful activities to show their love and respect for the environment. Poster making and slogan writing activities were organised to sensitise the students to the issues of climate change and deterioration of natural resources. Students were seen curious while taking selfies at Green Corer, promising to follow 3 R's in their daily lives. Teachers also highlighted the fact that sensitivity to nature is everyone's moral responsibility and it should be taken by every human being.


01 Jun,2023

Investiture Ceremony

To instil leadership and responsibility among students, Investiture Ceremony was organized in the School premises marking a significant milestone during the session. The event witnessed an atmosphere of pride, enthusiasm, and anticipation as the newly appointed Student Council members were officially bestowed with their badges of responsibility.
During the ceremony, the school Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi addressed the young leaders emphasizing the importance of leadership and responsibility in shaping the future generation. The ceremony also included the administering of an oath, where the Student Council pledged to fulfill their duties with utmost sincerity, integrity, and dedication. The event came to a conclusion with the words of wisdom by Dr Prem Kumar, the Executive Director and the Manager of the school who congratulated the members of the Student Council and appreciated the combination of humility, valour and competence in them.

24 May,2023

106th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Satyanand Ji Munjal

Whole staff and the students of Primary Wing paid tribute to Mahatma Satyanand ji Munjal on his 106th birth anniversary. The School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi, Deputy Principal, Mr. Rakesh Sharma along with teachers and the young BCMites paid floral tribute to the great visionary followed by a speech. A PPT was shown depicting the life of Bauji. The students took a pledge and promised to follow the ten Rules of Arya Samaj. The event ended with a mesmerizing choreography by the little munchkins of Kindergarten. The School Principal motivated the students and teachers to inculcate in themselves the values and principles that Mahatma Ji followed throughout his life, for a happy and wholesome life.

13 May,2023

Awareness session on Adolescent Health

The school organised an awareness session on "Adolescent Health". The School Counselor Ms.Charanjeet Kalra gave a very insightful talk to the girls from Classes VI-VIII about this new phase of life. She gave them useful tips on how to manage this rapid growth phase confidently and without any negative emotions. She highlighted the difficulties that come with this stage of life and suggested implementing a healthy diet to overcome them. Highlighting misconceptions and taboos that still exist in our society, she tried to help them understand this stage better.

13 May,2023

Mother's Day Celebration

Keeping the strong bond of children and their mothers in mind, a special celebration on Mother's Day under the community awareness program was held in the school premises. A significant highlight of the event was an engaging lecture by Dr. Mandeep Kaur, a prominent Obstetrician-Gynecologist. She covered the topic ‘Women's Health and Care’ and shared valuable tips regarding personal hygiene. Ms. Charanjeet Kalra, the school counselor, imparted essential advice on how to stay mentally fit and healthy. A Special Event 'MOM & MUNCHKINS' was conducted at BCM Kindergarten. Mothers performed in "CHATPTE CHATKARE" in association with their children. Mommies and kids came up in twinning style to perform in TRADITIONAL INDIAN GARB. Mothers also showcased their talent and creativity by taking part in "Rangoli Art" and "Flora Fantasy".

12 May,2023

Inter House PPT Making Competition

With the aim to acquaint students with the appropriate decorum and behaviour expected from them within the school premises, an Inter House PPT Making Competition was organised in the school for classes IX and X. Students from all the four Houses prepared their PPTs in a meticulously structured and methodical manner. The First position was grabbed by Pukhraj House whereas the second and third positions were bagged by Gulmohar House and Shalimar House respectively. The Deputy Principal Mr. Rakesh Sharma stated that these presentations would empower the students to take ownership of their actions and provide a safe and respectful learning environment for all.
The school Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi applauded the inherent talent of the students and the efforts put in by them.

11 May,2023

National Technology Day Celebration

'National Technology Day' was celebrated  with great heed and fervour. The main aim of the day was to mark the achievements and contributions of scientists, researchers and engineers. Teachers apprised the students about the significance and relevance of science in daily lives. They were also informed about the development in science done worldwide.

A glut of activities like poster making, display board competition and science magazine reading  were conducted for the students of classes VI to VIII. All the students of class VI participated exuberantly in the 'Scientist Spectacle' activity wherein they showcased their scientific knowledge. There was a display of projects made by BCMites where they  acquainted other children about the famous scientists and their achievements. 

The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi applauded the efforts put in by the teachers and students. She fortified that such type of celebration proved to be the best way to ignite students' interest in science and technology and make them aware about the contribution of many scientists to India's growing technology.

29 Apr,2023

Bharat Darshan - Glimpses of Rajasthan

"The Beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people".To celebrate this diversity, Middle Wing students exuded an aura of royalty, culture and tradition of Rajasthan. The day was weaved with creativity, imagination and intriguing messages representing an array of diversity and possibilities. The programme was an amalgamation of different hues on a common theme of Incredible India. The euphonious folk music presented by the students enticed the audience. The students displayed the architectural beauty of Rajasthan  beautifully through the centuries-old palaces,forts and famous deserts.

The audience was delighted by the exotic Rajasthani cuisine.The show aimed to celebrate the unity in diversity and spread a message to respect and appreciate each other's individuality. School Principal, Dr Vandna Shahi lauded the efforts of the students and teachers and fortified that their main objective was to promote the tremendous culture and heritage of the country amongst the young generation.

13 Apr,2023

Display Board Competition - Baisakhi' and Ambedkar Jayanti

To inculcate values and ethos of the culture and community among the students, school organised a plethora of activities on the auspicious occasion of Baisakhi. The school campus was aptly decorated depicting the vibes of the harvest season. Kindergarten students came in Punjabi attire and tapped on Punjabi beats. Primary Wing students celebrated the festival with rhymes and speeches on Baisakhi. To give wings to the imagination of the senior students, an Inter House Display Board Competition was organised on the themes of 'Baisakhi' and 'Ambedkar Jayanti'. Thematic boards adorned with vibrant sketches, educational messages and vivid borders were prepared by the selected students of four houses - Gulmohar, Kohinoor, Pukhraj and Shalimar.
The Deputy Principal, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma was impressed with the students' creativity and emphasized how the teamwork of the participants proved rewarding in this competition. The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi motivated the students to celebrate all festivals with great respect and enthusiasm to promote harmony and brotherhood throughout the world.

30 Mar,2023

A Four Day Boot Camp for Tinkers and Coders

A four-day boot camp was arranged by the school   to foster the spirit of curiosity and invention in young minds.

Gobind Yadav, the founder and CEO of Vyomika Space Academy and Pragat Bansal, the CEO and creator of Sova Skills, started the camp's first day. They educated students about the accomplishments of ISRO and the significant turning points in Indian space industry. Students were informed about STEAM education and internship opportunities by researcher Mr. Sukhman Singh of Orbitx India Aerospace. Gaurav Mongia gave advice on entrepreneurial skills on the third day of the Boot Camp. Mr. Divjot Singh, an expert in cyber security and artificial intelligence, led the camp's final day, during which the students got hands-on practice with projects including gender detection.

23 Mar,2023

Stellars’ Fiesta

Brimming with oodles of enthusiasm, self confidence and buzz, the school witnessed Stellars’ Fiesta Award Ceremony. The School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi,along with the Coordinators , bestowed the outstanding achievers with the trophies. Besides recognising academic excellence, students were also awarded for setting record of perfect attendance throughout the year. Young BCMites also talked about their resolutions for the upcoming sessions to prove their mettle .While addressing the students, the Principal expressed her heart’s elation and lauded their efforts for exemplary performances. It was exhilarating to see the students’ winning spirit which fuelled up the atmosphere with motivation for others.

18 Mar,2023


Ebullience and Zest swathed the purlieu of School, as it celebrated the Graduation Ceremony of Primary School. It was an occasion of felicitation, feast and festivity when students not only showcased their wonderful performances but also received honors for their curricular and co-curricular achievements. The entire show was based on the theme, 'REUSSITE’ which was beautifully exhibited by students of Primary Wing through myriad celebrations replete with music, dazzling dances, Yoga & Gymnastics and Play on Success Mantra.
Reviving the childhood memories, the Chief Guest Sh. Rahul Chaba appreciated the school's efforts in grooming the personality of the students. 

27 Feb,2023

National Science Day

To commemorate the discovery of the Raman Effect by the Indian Physicist, Sir CV Raman, BCM Dugri celebrated, National Science Day under the theme ’Global Science for Golbal Well Being’. The students attended ElectroAsia Expo exhibition organised by Udan Media and Communications at Sahnewal. Unleashing the new vitality of Asia’s electronics industries, the event was linked with multiple exhibitions in the field of Robotics and Automation, Hydraulics and Pneumatics, Power Tools, Metallurgy, Laser Welding and Cutting etc. Young BCMites interacted with the leading exhibitors from across India and overseas market. 
The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi notified India’s emerging global role in the field of science  and its rising visibility in the international arena. She further stated that it is imperative to have deep understanding of science to ensure that it is used responsibly and ethically.

25 Feb,2023


BCM KINDERGARTEN BASANT AVENUE DUGRI celebrated Annual Day- CAPELLA CLUSTER. The event of the day included a myriad of items that were presented in mesmerising way by the kids with the theme- Old is gold, Dance on peppy songs, Community helpers, Animal Kingdom, Punjabi Dhamal, Unity in Diversity and Mera Desh Meri Jaan. Parents also accompanied their kids on stage to do modelling. A hilarious comical act was also presented by little BCMites in the characters of Akbar and  Birbal.

16 Feb,2023

Celebtions of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Ji’s Jayanti

To commemorate the 200th birth anniversary of the great spiritual leader and a man of vision, Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati Ji, the whole Bcm family paid soulful homage to him. The commemorative celebrations included a myriad of activities like ,Painting Competition,Poem Recitation etc. Slogan writings depicting his life mantra – Simple Living, High Thinking , were aptly presented by the young BCMites. A short documentary related to the life of Swami Ji was also screened for them .
The Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, paid obeisance to the great persona by saying that one should learn from the life and philosophies of Swami Ji and strive to achieve three P’s : Purity , Patience and Perseverance- the tenets of the teachings of Dayanand Ji.

13 Feb,2023

National Women’s Day

To mark the birth anniversary of the Nightingale Of India, Sarojini Naidu, National Women Day was celebrated at BCM School, Dugri with great avidity and ardour. Saluting India’s worthy daughters, students made exquisite Posters depicting indomitable ‘Naari Shakti’. Inspirational poems were also recited showing the courage and perseverance of the women who keep making a difference . 
The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi acknowledged the role and importance of women in life’s different domains and stated that marvellous feminine energy and aura cover the world with its warmth and greatness.

26 Jan,2023

Republic Day Celebration



The school celebrated the 74th Republic Day with great éclat and took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity. The event commenced with the unfurling of the National Flag by the School Head, Dr. Vandna Shahi. The National Anthem was sung in unison and tricolour balloons were released in the sky. 
A choreography projecting love for motherland, mesmerized one and all. Inter House Patriotic Song Competition was conducted for the senior students, who sang melodious songs devoted to their country. A melodious patriotic mashup was presented by two of the senior teachers of the school, Mr. Nishad Sharma and Mr. Ankush Sharma. A plethora of activities were also organised to infuse the spirit of unity, brotherhood and patriotism among the students.The tableaus of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha & Assam depicting their culture were displayed in the school premises. The students took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity in diversity. The audience were enthralled by the mesmerizing performance of the tiny tots. Each class celebrated this day with great gusto towards the  country and its constitution.The School Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi, in her address, highlighted the significance of the day, saluted the brave martyrs and motivated the children to be the enlightened citizens of the country.

18 Jan,2023

Road Safety Week

‘Road Safety Week’ was observed  with great zeal and devotion.To make the students aware about traffic rules and safety measures, a special assembly was conducted. The message- SAFETY COMES FIRST - was well communicated by the students during the assembly.Students displayed their creative excellence while participating in activities such as slogan writing and poster making.An informative session " Safe Vahan Policy " was conducted for drivers by Deputy Principal,Mr.Rakesh Sharma. They were sensitized on the issue to make themselves responsible road users. Another event to mark this occasion was an enlightening session organised by Ludhiana Traffic Police. The resource person was Mr. Deepak Kumar, Zonal Traffic Incharge. He gave valuable instructions regarding traffic rules and emphasised on wearing ISI marked helmets and also to avoid underage driving.The students came up with their queries and promised to follow the rules. 
The Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi, apprised that it is need of the hour to enhance respect for one’s life and that of others.She inspired the students to act responsibly on the road as they are the torch bearers of the nation.Overall it was an enriching experience which has made Bcmites more concerned and aware about the importance of traffic rules and regulations.

16 Jan,2023

National Inter School Innovation Fest 5YFN 2023

The school hosted a National  Inter School Innovation Fest 5YFN 2023 (Five Years From Now ) to mark the celebration of National Startup Day i.e Jan 16,2023 where 23 teams participated in both online and offline events.
The motive behind the same was to provide a platform to the young learners for harnessing their innate potential and entrepreneurial skills. 
Mr. Harmeet Singh ( Deputy Director,IPR Cell of CT University) , Mr Aditya Gupta (Director of KUVAM Fashions Pvt. Ltd.) and Mr Ujjwal Talwar ( school alumnus and Russian Hair Stylist) were the worthy members of the jury. 
The fest was a blend of offline event named ‘Startup Pitch Competition’ and various virtual events like Cyber Command,Aliens Imagine Cup, Technovation App, Challenge and Docton Architect etc. The participants were adjudged on the basis of their content, innovation, presentation and originality of ideas. 
Dr Vandna Shahi  (Principal, Host school) congratulated all the winners and encouraged them to inculcate 21st century skills in themselves to keep pace with the changing scenario. The event came to a successful end with a vote of thanks by Dr. Prem Kumar who inspired the young learners to be  positive and productive in their  thoughts to scale new heights in their life.

10 Dec,2022

3rd Alumni Meet

3rd Alumni Meet was organised in the school with the aim to provide the alumni an opportunity to strengthen their association with the school and their beloved teachers by reliving their old moments of their school days.
The teachers were overwhelmed to welcome the old students. The meet started with invocation and welcome address by the school Principal, Dr.Vandna Shahi. She addressed the students and encouraged them to remain in touch with the school and contribute in any manner possible.
The students shared their views and experiences with the faculty and other students.Multifarious games and dance performances were staged for their entertainment. A quiz based on their school days took them down the memory lane and made them nostalgic. Prizes were given to the winners of games too. ?Vote of thanks was given by Deputy Principal, Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma.

09 Dec,2022


To educate the students about the rich history and the supreme sacrifices made by Chaar Sahibzade and Mata Gujri Ji for the country and humanity, Professor Kawaljit Kaur and Mr. Gauravdeep Singh (Trustees of the Gurmat Gian Missionary College Ludhiana) conducted a meaningful session on ‘Lessons From The Lives of Char Sahibzade and Mata Gujri Ji’
The resource people educated the students about their truly heroic achievements and conveying a strong message to respect the past and take lessons from it. They explained the youngsters how one can remain firm and display heroic bravery even at such a young age. Young BCMites pledged to uphold the standards established by Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's mother and his sons.

06 Dec,2022

Enactment on SDGs

In order to teach students critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork and communication skills, the students of primary wing performed role plays based on the SDGs. It gave them the chance to take ownership of their behaviour and make a collective commitment to working together to create a better, more sustainable future for all. The students won great acclamations and appraisals from the parents. They highly appreciated their team work.

17 Nov,2022

Awards and Accolades

Awards and accolades are pivotal in a student's life. To appreciate and honour the students’ accomplishments, organised 'Trailblazers-Award Ceremony' was organised in the school auditorium. The event was graced by Prof.(Dr.) Vishal Kumar (Principal Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management) as the Chief Guest and illuminated by Sh. Suresh Munjal (President SMC), Dr. Prem Kumar (School Manager), Dr. Anuradha Kumar, Ms. Sangeeta Goyal, (Branch Head LIC Clock Tower) and Principal of sister concern.
The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi gave a formal welcome and read the Annual Report. The sterling academic achievers who excelled in AISSCE and AISCE, the sports stars and co-curricular achievers were felicitated. LIC, India acknowledged 10 talented students of the school from various fields and honoured them with 'Student of the Year' award.
The guest of the day congratulated and encouraged the winners to reach the pinnacle of success with grit and determination. The programme culminated with a vote of thanks by Deputy Principal, Mr. Rakesh Kumar.

18 Oct,2022


In an endeavour to promote entrepreneurial skills in the present scenario, LSSC Quiz 2022 'Biznax: Lock Stick and Barrel - The Business Quiz was hosted by the school. There were various brain storming rounds for 24 teams from the schools of the city. The Chief Guest Mr. Anil Kumar, Executive Director & CEO, Shreyans Industries Ltd along with the school manager Dr. Prem kumar and Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi  appreciated the efforts of the participants and motivated them to widen their horizons .Team work, knowledge, perseverance and competitive  spirit of the participants left everyone spellbound.All the participants meticulously showcased their talent and their joy knew no bounds when DAV Public School, BRS Nagar bagged the first position, BCM Arya Senior Secondary Senior School, Shastri Nagar and BCM Senior Secondary School Chandigarh Road were declared the first and second runners up respectively. Last but not the least Kundan Vidya Mandir bagged the consolation prize.

11 Oct,2022

Spiritual Discourse by Acharya Somdev Aarya Ji

The young Bcmites were fortunate to be bestowed with the pearls of wisdom by Acharya Somdev Arya Ji . 
Acharya Ji began his spiritual discourse by enlightening the students about the miraculous results of using some magic words in their life like Please, Thank You, Sorry , Namaste etc. He further shared the need of keeping the mind in balance and re-invent by moving away from negative thoughts and connecting with positive force of spirituality. School Principal,  Dr. Vandna Shahi motivated the students by stating that it is very important to perform right actions because only they will decide the direction of our life.
Students got inspired to inculcate these manners in their day to day life.

11 Oct,2022

World Space Week Celebration

The school celebrated World Space Week from October 4 to October 10 by the Science Department.Various activities were  organised for  the students of different classes.
191 students of classes II to VIII participated in Visual Art and Literary Art competitions and showcased their talents on the theme 'Space Shuttles' and 'Earth from Space'.

Students of class IX participated in 'Fermi Spacecraft' and 'Satellite Model Making' Competition . They exhibited their creativity and  scientific temperament through their creations.
The winners are as follows 
I --- Sukhman Wahrey and Kamalpreet Kaur 
II ---Lalskh Negi and Mukul Marothi
III ---Siddharth Sood and Ravneet Kaur

Students of class X prepared '3-D Models of Rockets' and explained their working.


04 Aug,2022


It was a proud privilege for BCMites to have Mr. Viveck Vaswani; filmmaker, writer, actor and Dean for School of Contemporary Media, Pearl Academy, as the resource person of a session on 'Creative Careers' for the students of classes XI & XII. Mr. Vaswani, who has been a mentor to numerous actors, made young BCMites aware about various career opportunities related to the art and entertainment field.  He talked about how careers in multimedia will be the next big thing in the years to come.

23 Jul,2022

ICAE Global Education Fair

To get a peak into the vast world of careers, professions and courses, a Career Exhibition is a comprehensive tool. With the same vision in mind,  in collaboration with ICAE, India hosted the Global Education Fair in the school auditorium. The Career Fair was unveiled by Dr. Prem Kumar, Executive Director BCM Foundation. Around 20 exhibitors from renowned Indian and Foreign Educational Institutions and Universities showcased their professional programs and courses at this Global Fair. About 500 students from the prestigious schools visited the fair along with their parents and got expert guidance from well qualified teachers and professionals with an access to latest information and technical expertise. The purpose of organising such events is to aware students about various career options available beyond High School. It also aimed at helping the young learners to make informed decisions with regard to what careers to pursue after completion of their school studies. The fair was an excellent platform for the students and parents to target premier recognised Universities and Colleges in India for pursuing UG and PG programs all under one roof. The interesting features of the fair were career counseling, prospects of studying abroad, new streams and avenues etc. Dr. Prem Kumar in his address explained the importance of managing uncertainty in life, as conditions and situations are changing constantly. Therefore, today's youth should be prepared to adapt to new ideas and new techniques. The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi urged the students to make best use of such opportunities and wished all the success for their future endeavours.

30 May,2022

Teen Entrepreneur Award Ceremony

A felicitation programme - Teen Entrepreneur Award Ceremony was organized to honor  the budding entrepreneurs of the school. The  member of the executive suite Mr. Suresh Munjal along with Mr Bernard Curren, (Assistant Director, Innovation and Enterprise, Birmingham City University UK ) graced the occasion with their  benign presence.  The school Manager Dr. Prem Kumar,  Principal Dr. Vandna Shahi , parents and alumni of the school added élan to the occasion. The red letter day  aimed at  recognizing the efforts of  the Mentor students of Tinkering Lab, Coders, Tinkers , Entrepreneurs, Wordsmiths , Dancers, Polymaths, Gymnasts and Musicians of the school who excelled in their particular fields. 

Continuing the family legacy initiated by revered Mahatma Satyanand Ji Munjal, to boost the morale of the stewards, Mr. Suresh Munjal along with other dignitaries bestowed the students with trophies and certificates.

 Besides recognizing the Entrepreneurs, the stalwarts who excelled at various  international, national and regional events like  NASA inspired Glee Mission,  National level IT Competition, National Scientific Creativity Competition by Ministry of Science and Technology of India,  Innovation Challenge by startup Punjab were also conferred with prizes. It was indeed inspiring and encouraging for the students to listen to the pearls of wisdom of the eminent personalities present on the occasion. Aumni from different fields also enlightened the students with their thoughts and experiences.The guests  expressed  their heart's elation and commended the efforts of  students and faculty members for honing exceptional and diverse talents in the school. 

25 Apr,2022

Tinkering Lab Inauguration

In an endeavour to foster curiosity, creativity, design mindset, computational thinking and develop scientific acumen in young learners, the school proudly set its steps into the nobel mission of knowledge enhancement by setting up 'Innovation and Tinkering Lab'. It was indeed a proud moment as the inauguration was done by Professor Philip Plowden, Vice Chancellor Birmingham City University, UK along with Professor Julian Beer, Dy. Vice Chancellor, Dr. Prem Kumar, Executive Director BCM Foundation, Mr. S. K. Rai, Member BCM Foundation and all principals of sister concerns. 
The program commenced with the escorting of guests by school band, followed by an exuberant bouquet presentation and foot tapping welcome dance by flexile gymnasts. The School Principal, Dr. Vandna Shahi, extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries present. She added that Skilled India is the need of the hour and the lab would teach students essential 21st century skills which will help them in developing their professional and personal skills and script “a Great Indian Story”.
The guest of honour, Prof. Philip Plowden and Prof. Julian Beer in presence of other esteemed guests unveiled the plaque to mark the foundation stone laying ceremony of the lab. In his inaugural address, Prof. Plowden admired and applauded the endeavour wholeheartedly. He also congratulated the school management and administration for taking up the initiative to establish such useful schemes in the school for the benefit of the students. Prof. Julian Beer motivated the students to be more passionate in their quest for knowledge.
During the inauguration, the young innovators from the school presented innovative and futuristic models like Sign Language Translator Glove, Solar Water Disinfection System, Brain Computer Interface System, Robo-Cars, Home Automation System, Smart Watering System and many more. 
The budding coders also exhibited their design thinking projects based on Gaming and App development. The esteemed guests were left spellbound with the talent showcased by the Gatka performers, aspiring entrepreneurs and wordsmiths. The young BCMites also demonstrated breathing techniques and conferred tips to stay happy like a child. At last, Mr. Rai  urged the students to make best use of this lab and wished all the success for their future endeavors.