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Schoolbells are ringing, loud and clear
Summer break is over, school is here !!

Dear Students

Warm Greetings!!

We hope you enjoyed the holidays to the fullest and are in high spirits for a sparkling start of the new term. We extend our hearty welcome to you after the summer vacation. We are excited to see your smiling faces and are happy to connect with you again. Looking forward to a great year of growing, learning and building relationships.

Dear Parents

Greetings for the new academic session!! 

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you to the new academic year that has come with a new hope - a  silver lining after the dark clouds of COVID 19. The past academic year, 2021-22 was a challenging time for students. It started with panic in mind; however it ended with a hope in heart. 

A good beginning makes a big difference. So let's make sure to begin this academic session 2022-23 with new hopes and a positive mindset to make it a brighter chapter in the life of our children. We must keep in mind though that after two years of online classes, coming back to school is a transition that children may take time adjusting to. We all need to take care of their physical, emotional and social well-being. The school assures a safer and healthy learning environment inside the campus, make sure to provide the same at home too.
I extend my best wishes to the parents and request them not to worry about your children who are appearing for the #cbseboardexam2022. They are born to succeed, no matter if they score high or low. Be patient, be understanding and be kind as these young children are facing their first big challenge in life. Teach them to overcome fear at every step of their lives. Once again, I pray that all our students perform well and come out with flying colours.

Dr.Vandna Shahi

Congratulations Parents, Teachers and Students

It’s a pleasure to announce that ‘Education World’, the largest school ranking survey2021-22 has ranked the school amongst Top10 in Ludhiana District and amongst Top 25 in Punjab State.

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